2020 Toyota Supra: First Look – Cars.com

We’re here with I would
say is the most exciting reveal of the 2019 North American International Auto
so this is the 2020 Toyota Supra now this is the first time that the Supra
has been back in the United States since it left in 1998 and that’s a 22 year gap
between the last time that we had a Supra here now this is a joint
development car a lot of it comes from Toyota a lot of it also comes from BMW
Toyota says that they wanted an inline 6 engine under the hood of this car and
they didn’t have one in their portfolio at the time and they said that BMW made
the best one so Toyota works with BMW they get an inline six under the hood
but the two cars that they made the Z4 and here the Supra has some very
different aims you can tell that immediately from the styling now this is
an out-and-out sports car the front is sharp and angular the nose here kind of
sticks out front and that gives it a little bit of Menace you also have these
six element LED headlamps on both sides and you have these kind of subtle
creases and folds unfortunately they’re not actual air vents these are covered
up so mostly they’re just for show now each corner you get 19-inch alloy wheels
which are wider at the rear to add traction this is a rear-wheel drive car
and you get Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires which are pretty sticky so we like
that development in a sports car now when we move around to the rear styling
I would say is a bit more dramatic you have an integrated duckbill spoiler into
the lift gate and down low lots of great detailing dual exhaust pipes and then a
very very dramatic rear diffuser that actually sticks out a bit from the rear
bumper so be careful when you’re backing it up speaking of the engine a
twin-scroll turbocharged three liter straight-six sourced again from BMW and
it makes 335 horsepower and 365 pounds feet of torque it is mated to an 8-speed
ZF automatic transmission now Toyota says this is going to be the
only powertrain combination that’s coming to the United States at this time
now there was a 4-cylinder version that’s announced for Japan but no plans
to bring it over and Toyota also says there’s no plans currently to offer a
manual they think that the automatic is that good we think that if enthusiasts
are loud enough that could change their minds when you move to the interior of the
Supra the partnership with BMW becomes actually more pronounced a lot of the
switches here in the center console even the gear selector straight out of a BMW
even the screen kind of looks in where the BMW doesn’t mounted high up on the
dash but Toyota says is going to have their own software so it’ll be reskinned at
least in some way to match Toyota now this interior it’s pretty
tight one of things that we do like big cutouts in the ceiling here that give
you enough headroom so you could actually sit in here with a helmet but
visibility is not good all around to the back can’t really see much out of the
back and especially to the sides where the roof cuts in pretty low this seat is
actually as low as it can go and it still cuts off probably about 20 to 30
percent on my vision looking out to the side so this is gonna be a tight
quarters cramp vehicle and I guess the solution is you just drive real fast you
don’t have to worry about what’s behind you now Supra will start at fifty
thousand nine hundred twenty dollars including destination charges but the
first 1500 models sold in the US will be what toyota calls a launch edition
they’ll be able to tell those apart with the red leather interior found on white
and black cars it also is available in red these red mirror caps and matte
black wheels now Toyota says there’s no plans to offer any of those three
features so if you see one with red leather red mirror caps or black wheels
you’ll know that it’s one of the first 1500 sold here now good news Toyota
isn’t taking pre-orders so none of these have technically been spoken for yet
toyota says that you can go talk to your dealer if you want to work something out
the return of the Supra to American shores has car enthusiasts like me
rightfully very excited but I do wonder if Toyota has placed too much
expectation on this new car by giving it the Supra name now LeBron James he
named his oldest son LeBron James jr. he says looking back he wouldn’t have done
that it just made it too hard for his son to live up to that right so the new
Supra even if it’s good that’s not gonna be good enough it has to be great in
order to live up to his legendary name we do have some performance numbers for
the Supra 4.1 seconds zero to 60 and electronically limited top speed of 155
miles an hour but those numbers don’t really matter what really matters is how
this car is gonna feel behind the wheel and we can’t wait to drive it closer to
its on sale date of summer 2019