2020 Toyota Highlander First Look Debut

hasn’t been that long since we had an all
new Highlander, which is why I was expecting
more of a refresh here at the New York Auto Show. To my surprise, we have this,
the fully redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander. This time around, the
Highlander is 2.4 inches longer nose to tail. That expands cargo space as
well as third row leg room. Also, the four-cylinder base
engine from last year is gone. Now it’s just the
295-horsepower V6 that gets 22 miles per gallon. There’s also going
to be a hybrid model with a four-cylinder that has
less power than the V6 hybrid from last year. But it’s going to come back
with 34 miles per gallon. Up front with this
new Highlander, we’re getting some
of the character from the Toyota trucks
and even the new RAV4. It’s got that nice,
substantial look. Down the side, we’ve got
a lot of surface features here, who are catching
light and casting shadow. But the thing that
really bothers me is this character line. It starts here and jumps
right over the wheel arch. To me, it’s adding some
unnecessary visual weight. Before we get too deep into
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content coming your way. Technology is well represented
with the Highlander. You have Apple
CarPlay, Android Auto. Plus, in higher trims, you get
this massive 12-inch display. Base trims have a seating
capacity of eight passengers because of a second row bench. Higher trims come with two
captain’s chairs in the middle, reducing it down to
seven passengers. But the bench is
still an option. Third row space,
or lack thereof. Yeah, I’m 5′ 10″. My head is brushing
the headliner, but it’s down here I’m
having some issues. There is almost no support,
because this bench is almost on the deck. And I really don’t have much
space for my knees either. But let’s face it,
third row seats are usually meant for kids
or just occasional use. In a pinch, going to
lunch, maybe this is OK. We expect prices to start
right in the mid $30,000 range when it goes
on sale in December. The hybrid will
probably cost just a few thousand dollars more and
follow it to market in February. For more information
on the Highlander, Highlander Hybrid, and
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