2020 Toyota Highlander: First Look — Cars.com

so you got a big family but you can’t
stomach the idea of a minivan well there’s a 3-row crossover SUV out there
for you in fact there’s quite a few of them one of the most popular ones the
toyota highlander which has been completely redesigned it’s nicer on the
inside more fuel-efficient and has a little more storage space but not much
and the alcohol generation of the highlander wasn’t a bad looking SUV but
it was kind of aggressive especially with a giant grill this redesigned here
a lot cleaner I think a smaller grill a little bit tidier appearance overall and
larger about two and a half inches longer you get inside still lots of
storage space there’s that nice shelf that the prior generation kind of
debuted it’s got a divider now in the middle along the dashboard so you know
your phone won’t slide from one side all the way to the other if you take a
corner still a big old compartment underneath the center armrest and a
seeming upgrade in cabin materials now there’s a big center display screen now
it’s up to about 12 inches in just diagonal size that’s nice to see
standard apple carplay standard Android auto unfortunately only the highest of
five trim levels it gets that big display the other ones get an 8 inch
unit that’s kind of more run-of-the-mill now you get back to the second and the
third rows second row seems to sit a little bit higher off the ground than in
the prior generation so that should help if you have adult passengers but the
third row was very tight in the prior generation Highlander and it doesn’t
really seem like it’s gotten any better in this redesign still very confined
very low to the floor kind of wafers thin seats Toyota says the second row
has more sliding range so you might be able to negotiate a little bit more
space for your knees from the people in front of you but honestly you’re still
gonna be really squatting on the ground they’re not super comfortable if you’re
an adult now behind the third row the prior generation was dinged a little bit
for having a pretty tight cargo area with all three rows of seats up this
redesign Toyota is a little bit coy still with exact cargo specs that are
comparable to the prior generation but we measured and it is a couple inches
deeper now seemingly than the prior generation that we also measured
comparable now to a Honda pilots kind of space behind the third row so kind of a
step in the right direction there now there is a Highlander Hybrid
again like before but it loses the prior generations v6 based hybrid system now
as a four-cylinder based hybrid system with a 2.5 liter engine so it does lose
substantial power but gains some mileage with front-wheel drive Toyota estimates
about 34 miles per gallon combined that’s versus the prior generations 28
to 29 miles per gallon combined the Highlander and the Highlander Hybrid on
sale in early 2020 so stay tuned