2020 Subaru Outback: Redesign & Changes — Cars.com

[MUSIC PLAYING] Subaru might not have coined
the term Outback Nation yet, but there are a lot of
fans of its kind of SUV alternative wagon, which here
has been completely redesigned. Now you wouldn’t really
know that by glancing at it. It looks awfully similar
to the prior generation Outback, as well as the
Legacy upon which it’s based. That’s a sedan. That was also just redesigned,
but plenty of changes. Let’s take you through them. Not much has changed
on the outside, still 8.7 inches of ground
clearance, which is a lot, even for an SUV, which
the Outback kind of straddles the line between
that and a wagon. A lot of minor changes
with lights and bumpers, and stuff like that. You get inside though,
and a lot is different. Let’s start with that
thing in the middle. That is an 11.6-inch
vertical touch screen. And that’s in most trim levels. You don’t have to go all the
way to the top trim level to get it, which is nice. It functions as a touch
screen, obviously, but there’s a lot of
physical controls around it, things like volume and tuning
knobs, climate controls. We like to see that. So everything isn’t just
buried into the touch screen. A lot of nice touches in
terms of quality materials. Subaru has really been
upping its game lately in terms of materials
quality inside. You see a lot of stitched
surfaces, soft touch points where your arms
and your elbows land. It doesn’t really drop off
when you get to the back seat. Speaking of back seat, still
nice and big, decent leg room, a nice, high seating position
with good head room left over. Now under the
hood, there’s going to be a four cylinder, as
well as a turbocharged four cylinder, so no more six
cylinder horizontally opposed engine in the Outback. The turbo four cylinder though
makes a little bit more power and should get a lot
better gas mileage. Now in back, Subaru says there’s
a new hands-free lift gate, but that requires
moving something in front of the Subaru badge
on the lift gate itself. Probably that’s got
to be your hand. So last I checked,
that’s not hands free. Maybe if you wiggled
your side, something like that, that
could get it to move. [BEEP] All this you can check out once
the new Outback goes on sale. That’s going to happen
in the fall of 2019.