2020 Subaru Legacy: First Look – Cars.com

Contrary to how it may seem these days
not everybody wants a family SUV there are still plenty of people out there
that enjoy a family sedan and for them Subaru has updated the new Legacy this
is the 2020 Subaru Legacy it’s it’s on an all-new platform now it may not look
all that different but then the story with Subaru has never really been about
the styling it’s all about what’s under the hood it’s all about the safety
features and they’ve updated both on this excellent new Legacy there are
three parts to the legacy story for 2020 first part is what’s under the hood a
standard engine is a 2.5 liter flat four-cylinder engine making 182
horsepower it’s made it up to a continuously variable transmission and
of course the standard Subaru all-wheel drive but the big news for 2020 is the
return of the turbo you can get the new Legacy in the XT trim level in which
case you’re going to get a 2.4 liter turbocharged boxer four-cylinder engine
making 260 horsepower it too is made it up to a continuously variable
transmission it too has all-wheel drive just like just about every other Subaru
you can buy the second part of the legacy story is in here now you can get
the turbo engine with the two top trim levels the limited and the Touring this
one is the Touring and it’s got a couple of really interesting features first and
foremost there’s this thing it’s an 11.6 inch vertical touchscreen it can be
split into two so that you can get two different pieces of media on the screen
at the same time and it’s got apple carplay and android auto as well but you
also get some really nice nappa leather in this top touring model Subaru is
really trying to up its game at the high end of the segment to compete with
things like Mazda and the third part of the legacy story is safety of course
Subaru is known for having very safe vehicles and there are two new features
in the 2020 legacy that are aiming up that game even further they’ve got a new
distraction mitigation system called driver focus it uses a couple of cameras
in the dash to warn you if you’re not paying enough attention if your eyes are
leaving the road maybe you’re using your phone which you shouldn’t be doing it will
yell at you Subaru has also introduced a lane
centering function for the eyesight system new for the 2020 legacy eyesight
uses cameras and sensors to bring things like forward collision warning and
automatic emergency braking to the party now we don’t have any pricing yet for
the 2020 legacy that’s going to be coming later on this you
closer to its on sale date which will be in the later part of 2019 probably right
around the summer if you’d like to learn more about the new 2020 Subaru Legacy
look everything up at cars.com/news cars.com/news