2020 Porsche TAYCAN Turbo S New Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S full electric car
the first full electric car made by Porsche and I have to tell you guys I
don’t know if you see it before the full test-drive with the Porsche Taycan on my
channel just check it out if you didn’t see it yet I have to tell you this car
it’s phenomenal and the test drive was amazing so check it out on my channel I
have uploaded these days and you can check out the test drive with this
amazing car and then you just come back and see the full review of it and then
you can see the interior space and all that quality of the of the materials so
guys we will start with the exterior of the car as you can see the car blinkers
in the front in the back you see it before in the front here where are the
blinkers usually it’s the daylight you will see it a little bit later but I
have to tell you this car it has such a good handling and such a good it sticks
so good to the road it is amazing and the quality in the interior the
materials quality everything it’s it’s at at high-class and the price of this
car right here is $260,000 around 250,000 euro and I know it’s a big price
but this car use very very high quality materials you can see the blinkers here
from close we have the newest s technology from Porsche the porsche LED
matrix system and it is great the light it’s the new new technology also the
front of the cards look a little bit like Ferrari in my opinion it’s it’s so
down we have this adaptive air suspension and you can choice how
you want to write this car also we have a blinker on the side here look how
beautiful it looked like also on the Porsche 911 we have the same blinker in
the left in the right it’s just look look amazing also the rims are super
beautiful we have 21 orange 21 inch rims on on this car right here in front of us
the blinkers in the back look also super nice and we had this kind of signature
light from left to right in red from Porsche they they just look amazing and
in my opinion this car exterior it’s much more beautiful than then Tesla
Model S I think the direct competitor in this moment with this Porsche Tyco on
its Tesla Model S but this car you will be amazed this car look very sporty but
it has a lot of space in the interior and we’ll go there inside and you will
see it also here on the bumper we have some air intakes that helped air
aerodynamic to go around the car right there you can see some holes we have six
parking sensors in the front six parking sensors in the back right here you can
see the sensors you can see the shape of the bumper we have carbon-fiber down
here amazing quality you can see from close-up and we have some air intakes
where it go to radiator and then the radiator cool down the brakes a little
bit because this car have 625 horsepower it’s super super fast check out my other
video with the test drive and you will understand their what I’m talking about
here we have the rudders the camera and all that you know system for adaptive
cruise control emergency brake and all that safety settings also the car have
360 degrees camera so you can park it very very easily
nice design beautiful design beautiful lines great
dynamic so the car look like very very sporty you can see the 911 it’s in the
right side and 911 it’s a little bit taller than this one and then that I
can’t icon it’s a little bit it’s very down on the road you know you know it’s
like a Ferrari and I already know me it’s amazing when you drive this car I
tell you it’s stick to the road don’t it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not
even in heavy rain the handlings and the stick to the road it is super good also
the hood the lines the shape here you can see it better it is it is I tell you
I’m a tesla fan usually I’m a Tesla fan I have a Tesla Model 3 but guys this car
it’s it’s it’s good to do another level you know the Porsche know how to build
car for many years and you know the build of the car I don’t know about the
battery and the motor of this car but I just tell you to build off the car the
wheels the way it stick to the road the quality in the interior the materials
are fantastic also here we have the camera and the raining sensors the
camera for reading the traffic speed limit and also the lane assist guys I
just tell you something this lights it’s much better at you know self-driving and
autopilot and battery maybe motors as well it is the best in the world yeah
but in terms of build of the car you know here you have a camera in the
mirror right here and the shape of the mirror it’s so beautiful I like the legs
of the mirror it’s black and also you can see in the interior here have blinds
for technology directly on the mirror something that I like much better Tesla
doesn’t have that but this is help you much more when you have the blind spot
technology in the mirror anyway guys I know it’s other price I know it with
this car you can buy a 2 Tesla maybe free model with this car I think
you can buy for five almost five model three with
the price of this car five model free so of course I recommend you the cheaper
one but if you have the money I know now I know why Bill Gates buy this car this
daikon is neut icon and not a Tesla now I know after you see this car after you
drive with this car after you see the quality then you understand why Bill
Gates really buy this car I’m not sure how we’ll work with the battery in time
and with motor and if the the system the cooling system of the battery and all
that stuff are really working better than Tesla but the build quality it’s
much better this is this is my opinion I just tell you I’m still I’m still a fan
of Tesla of course but I’m just saying if I have a lot of money
I know Porsche is not for everybody Porsche it’s made for for people that
really have a good financial situation and and they have a lot of money and if
you have the money yeah you should buy this car for sure
it’s amazing it’s look great it’s used the latest system and latest design and
materials from Porsche and yeah it’s phenomenal even the rims are beautiful
the shape kind of round shape you keep that round shape of the car now again I
know Tesla have a lot of problem there’s no model free here with the plastic in
the back because the wheels throw that stones and I think here will be the same
problem you know the wheels will throw some stones there in the back but yeah I
don’t think will be a problem because it’s a plastic there we have
carbon-fiber even down here on the side with some plastic its integrated down
there also for down downforce with aerodynamics were great here it’s just a
design that make the car look much more sporty so is not any horse or something
like that they’re just it’s just the design then down here again the same
problem the same story it will throw some stones here the wheels in this part
but this part it’s plastic down there and then we really not a big problem to
change it in time yeah we talked in terms of a lot of money so I don’t think
the people that buy this car they will be worried about the chips and stones
down there but anyway I’m just saying nice beautiful design and eye or dynamic
of the car it’s also beautiful even the spoiler here in the back it will go up a
little bit from the interval from the bottom six parking sensors in the back
here on the bumper we have some light reflectors down there some nice lines
some round shapes from plastic here and then we have carbon fiber insertion of
course even here in the back I like those lines those plastic lines LED
light reverse camera on the number plate and then carbon fiber down here amazing
quality amazing design yeah the car it’s built very very well so yeah just saying
guys it is really something and the most impressive thing about this car it’s
that when you see this car you tend you have you the impression that is the size
of 911 but when you go in the interior you will find out that this car have
much more space in the interior and here you can see the icon tool boy s logo the
the Porsche will come out in a few months I think with another version the
same Tyco on but not to Boris it’s just icon I think and then the price will be
much much better around 150 thousand euro something like that anyway better
price the same good build quality but I I’m not sure what will be the change it
but when the car would come out I will come with another leave you know I’ll
tell you also as a brake LED light inside the windows
there I don’t know if you can see it up there it has is brake light there but
anyway you can see it in my other review check out on my channel I have a full
test drive with this car so you can see there we have the amazing quality on the
brake disc we have cross drill at risk disks brake discs and also ventilated
brake discs from Brembo and it’s carbon so they are made from carbon ceramic so
they are fantastic quality you can see here in the back even the the brake
calipers are yellow color red the rims are phenomenal 21 inch rims I know this
car can handle also 20 inch the test drive in the other cars with 20-inch but
on this car we have 21 inch and it is it was amazing with 20 inch the car was
sticking to road very well I think with 21 will be much much better handling
1000 yeah amazing anyway in the front we have the brake discs are a little bit
bigger the same great quality but bigger much bigger in the front you can see
also it’s huge it’s half of the the wheel the caliper and also the same
qur’anic amazing cross rear ventilated the brake discs yeah amazing amazing
amazing quality as I told you before I’m not sure if Tesla have these kind of
ceramic brakes and yeah so such a good quality and the interior we will go as
well we have Alcantara on the roof we have amazing seats and also here I’m
inside guys and I want to show you what you can do from the interior you have in
the right in the left the charging port you have two charging ports you have the
DC AC charging port in the right side and only AC charging port in the left
side so you can open it from the interior of the car you can see there
you press the button and then I don’t know if you can do it I
don’t see it you can see right now it’s open just press the button from the
interior of the car and then here it is the charging port and you have an LED
light there and also some information about how to charge the car so that’s
really cool that you can you are able to open the charging port for later I try
to close it up right now to press the button to see it better right now yes
yeah it’s very hard to present your black car black cars are not so good for
showrooms but I don’t know when they will understand the car manufacturer you
have to understand that the people need to see those shapes and those lines in
some brighter colors so I wish one day they will understand that and they would
bring in the showroom only the car with white the colors will open light up
colors here let me show you the front of the car also you can open it from the
interior we will go to the front guys and usually here on the Porsche it’s
never engine it’s in the back but this time also the same story and it’s very
similar the space here with the Tesla Model 3 with my my my space on the Tesla
Model 3 I have to say you have some space there in the front where you can
put your stuff so it’s not bad at all so so look at here here you have some space
in the left side where you can put your repair kit and all that stuff triangle
and stuff and then here you have another space small space I don’t want to go
into detail anyway this video it’s very very long so I’m just trying to make it
shorter as possible and here you have the the other stuff electric stuffing
yeah anyway not I’m not so good electric cars so I’m not sure to tell
you much more information about that now look at the button here how you open the
trunk electrically liftgate in the trunk and
you open it up from the inside of the car and also from the exterior of the
car have this cool button down here really interesting I like the system
very much the way you open the door the same as BMW use it as well this system
it’s very nice and you are able to wash the car around there very easy and the
system it’s it’s much much better in time here we have some aluminum we have
like 50 centimeter deepness in the trunk some space in the left in the right here
a lot of space in the trunk the car it’s so small you have a 12 volt port here as
well here you have the cables and all that stuff that come with the car guys I
have to tell you something this car it looks so small from the exterior so
sporty but you have so much space here inside the car it’s so long this this
trunk it’s so long and so big and I’m not sure if you can see it so well on
the camera but I tell you it’s it’s a huge deep space here I’m not sure if
it’s bigger than model-free I try to figure out and think about it
but I think it’s yeah somehow the same or maybe less space then Tesla Model 3
I’m not sure to tell you maybe anyway somewhere around the same it’s for sure
a little bit longer that’s for sure but not sure in in total if it’s it’s a
bigger anyway you can fall down the seats there in the front as well in the
back sorry so you have a flat floor there where you can even sleep here in
the car because it’s very long this is for sure it’s a very long long long
space here in the trunk and I like the fact that it’s everything flat that mean
you can carry and put a lot of stuff there in the back so that’s
that’s kind of amazing big entrance in the car in the back
that’s a surprise for the shape of the car really big surprise we have to take
on logo we have some carbon-fiber here around icon logo so you can see how cool
this is look right and then the entries in the car the shape of the seats are
fantastic and the fact that it’s flat floor it’s amazing you can see also the
interior space from this side a little bit better so it’s very similar with
what is the model we have only that in this car it’s a little bit much better
quality and look at the sunroof the sunroof it’s fantastic it’s super nice
only from one pieces all over the roof there it looks super super the good also
down here on the legs a lot of space on my lady light you can also put some
stuff grocery and stuff down here on the legs
now with the coronavirus program you can you can go to shopping even with this
Taikan and can take a lot of stuff inside the car for a few months so yeah
anyway going to the doors frameless windows so here I like Emily’s windows
very much then we have a lot of great quality on the doors you can see here
leather with white stitches and the quality it’s amazing I tell you even the
handles in grey looks so nice we have an LED light right there on the handle here
down here we have kind of carbon-fiber design super nice and then down here we
have soft material even down here the stitches you can see the stitches and
the quality it’s kinda mono leather right here also here down leather on
handle the button glossy speaker right here then we have leather some storage
space lights ambient light in the door we have the fantastic barn master
speakers inside the car so the sound its core
there you have the ambient light inside the car as well on the door you can see
it much better from this angle right here so as I say the quality quality
it’s super super nice and also the interior right here look at the interior
guys sports seats we have rubber behind the seats right here good quality also a
lot of space on the legs as I told you plenty of space in this car the seats
are also sport in the back look at the shape of the seat
we have only two seats two spaces you cannot have three people in the back
here only two people we have side support leather amazing quality leather
and it’s so soft and nice for long trips you don’t have any back paint you have
even easier fix for kids soft material very good quality I love it side support
we have the center armrest right here two cupholders also great quality going
forward guys the roof it’s made from Alcantara so we have
Alcantara all over the roof great quality and yeah I will go also inside
I’m really surprised how nice they make this sport kind of sports it in the back
as well this car is very fast so you need ed we have two vans here and then
down here you have the controller for the dramatic system right now it’s
closed I have to go in the front and then some storage space there we have a
big bump so great great quality also some storage space here where you can
put your stuff yeah so that’s the space let me see that legs room closing the
door and then look at the ambient light on the legs on the doors look nice
plenty of legroom like I told you before a lot of space in the car even though
the car looked like 911 it’s much more space inside this car
it’s super spacious a little bit here hole but it’s normal for electric cars
but still amazing quality and the comfort and the space inside here in the
back it’s great even on my head I have four fingers kind of four fingers three
fingers until up there and I can still go a little bit in front up here we have
a handle LED lights great great nice design and good quality up here you
can see every single thing inside this car it’s made with a lot of attention
and they put a lot of effort inside this car and you can see that immediately the
class it’s phenomenal big my lands are not wide enough to show you that amazing
roof the goal the visibility from from the interior it’s super good for this
kind of car I have two tool Bowl over there on the seat yeah what can I say
even the have surprised the electronical open it’s not mechanical you just press
that and you go out here even here we have our qantarah only down there we
have some plastic whatever anyway great great quality also I don’t need to tell
you that the quality of the doors when you close it are amazing now in the
front the same quality as in the back you can see the mirror you can see the
leather on the upper side right here great quality then a little bit
difference here but the difference is that we have those buttons for electric
seed saving position lock and unlock the car but the handle is the same LED light
carbon fiber right here the leather stitches and yeah other than
that we have all that buttons for electric windows and also electric
mirrors adjustable speaker LED light inside there fantastic quality really really good
quality looks so nice the design Burmaster speakers and some storage
space the light reflectors the doors and yeah great great quality guys what can I
say now we will go inside and also I want to show you the the interior now at
the interior guys we have these LED lights right here at the entrance here’s
some information about the car we have these LED lights at the entrance where
it said the icon to go s logo right here a kind of writing look super nice my
camera doesn’t focus so well the same carbon fiber around there but quality in
the on the video you cannot see it so well but in real I think it’s much
better also the stein lid still pedals so aluminium style it still is not
aluminum but they are great quality anyway LED light down there electric
seats many position you can adjust a lot of position of the of those electric
seats even the front part you can make it longer shorter and the back the front
and every single position you can adjust it from down here
the seats are very comfortable I have been on them check out on on my other
don’t forget to check out the test drive with this car on my channel if you want
to see how this car is doing on the road look at the seats they not just look
perfect but they are very comfortable I wish I have those it on my Tesla Model 3
anyway the dashboard look phenomenal amazing design the steering will we have
the newest taste cockpit assistive instrument the newest is the instrument
cluster you have fully digitalized instrument cluster and
multimedia system and everything is the new new technology from Porsche and they
adapt this very well I will go into detail a little bit later and you will
see all the information about it in just a second right now also those seats are
ventilated and also heated seats here we have leather great quality stitches then
the Vans classic fans up there some glossy black
plastic then we have to start the engine it’s a button like you have it on the
computer you know it just start the computer you know how cool is that for
the first time when I see that it’s just it’s just like it start the computer you
just press that button it’s so nice it feels so great and they adopted this
very well and look at the shape of the screen there you know we have a round
shape like the new TV you know these those TVs or morning tours for the
computer that they are round a little bit like that and the shape it’s
phenomenal look at the shape rounded shape and guys this car I tell you this
car is really special you can immediately feel that when you go inside
and here is the stick for adaptive cruise control energy to break and all
that stuff then we have the steering wheel very nice doing well here you have
a stick where you can adjust it I don’t can see it’s over electric
adjustable steering wheel up-down left-right the way you wanna adjust it
right there for a better visibility and it’s so nice it’s so much nicer to see
everything right there on the screen now in front of you now here are the bands
as I told you before there they have a nice shape they’re kind of unique now on
this car and up there we have leather amazing quality on the dash Alcantara on
the a-pillar and also speaker up here great great great sound as I told
you I cannot turn it on because of the copyright but I have two very very nice
sound of course we have to watch right here cannot miss this watch classic for
Porsche it looks very nice there everything it’s simple just a normal
layout right here on the dashboard great visibility this is no problem with the
visibility it’s fantastic on the windows you can see it right now around the
windows the visibility it’s fantastic even in the back you have a great great
visibility even though the car have 360 degrees camera I don’t have to worry
about the visibility now going forward guys the blesser look how big is the
classroom it’s amazingly baby here in the middle center console it’s also very
well made we have carbon fiber even here on the side then we have leather with
stitches and two cupholders around there some space under the under the screen
right there we have a space where you can put your stuff even down here quite
quite nice to see that they do it really practical you can see how much space you
have still there to put your things and that’s very very nice very practical in
my opinion we have two cup holders right here where you can put your drink here’s
the key guys in one in case you’re wondering how the key is looking like
you can see it’s right here can open up the trunk wrong from here pretty nice
and we have the tie con logo right here and then that screen where you can
control plenty of things like climatic system you can see let me show you the
climatic system it’s right here you can also press the navigation or things that
you want to control it you can control the back part
or also it don’t forget that in the back it’s another screen you have ventilated
seats right here through these little holes and also heated seats
that’s another Super Plus for this car then let me show you guys what I want to
show you the battery information also from here so you can see we have 85
percent 310 kilometer you can also preheat and pre cool the
battery with a button here I wish I have this on Tesla Model 3 as well so you can
preheat it before you drive or pre cool it when it’s too warm outside so that’s
a cool feature to protect your battery before you go driving 360 degrees camera
you can see it right here from every angle possible also of course the car is
connected to the Internet and you can can connect it to your phone also
Android out apple carplay as well and you can see here around the car where
the car is position it it’s not a white car but yeah you can still see the
position of the car for that that’s pretty cool also in the back you have a
washer that wash the camera in the back this is also very useful when driving
rain or dirt dirt made you now now that you can see here you can go to settings
those are kind of shortcut button when you press those buttons you usually the
domain display here in the front they should go directly in the in the place
where you choice to be here is another screen for the passenger you can make
many things there the passenger can see many things I will show you a little bit
later my first time go a little bit through
the menu here and then you will see it here are the blinkers some the same
brands right here a lot of quality around here leather everywhere also here
you can you can change the gears from here driving reverse neutral and park
button right here it’s very simple and very cool that they put it directly
there on the screen it’s super super nice and then here you have the air
suspension and all that driving settings right there truck control and all that
stuff there pretty pretty interesting so here are the light of the car I don’t
know you I show you and let me show you the lights in the front there open it up
right now so check it out when the lights are on
you have the newest this LED matrix technology from Porsche so you have a
great great visibility guys right there in the front also the fog lamps are
opened are under there you can see the fog lamps are under the main headlamps
and now going back so cool to have all that buttons directly there it’s so easy
to use it and so fancy I feel like I’m enough in the in in the future when you
go inside this car it’s such a big difference between this car and other
cars so it totally deserved there you have also the new digital instrument
cluster cockpit there you can adjust many things is saying well it’s amazing
quality leather nice fancy design with stitches here you have the driving modes
you can change the tracking mode sport range Sport and Sport Plus and
individual every time when you change for example in range you are limited to
110 kilometer when you go in normal and drive normal
and then when you go in sport or sport blues the acceleration it’s much higher
the acceleration the responsive of the car it’s it’s different and the
consumption of course is bigger and also here you can control many stuff only
with this wheel right here you can you can choice what you like to see here on
the right side in choice you can press the navigation you go to navigation here
on the screen you can see it doesn’t have any lag at all it’s very responsive
in the color to brightness it’s really awesome
and it’s also very fast as as you know it’s one of the best multimedia system
out there on the market so yeah as you already know now you can see it like
that the navigation there guys let me go here and see if I can make all the map
I’m not so much familiar with all that settings here but I’m trying to discover
it right now and I’m just I’m just curious to see if I can make the map
here to see bigger but I think you cannot see bigger here on the right side
maybe only in the middle now you can put the trim the the sport the current lab
the sport mode here on the right side and you have the driving mode you can
change driving mode also from here maybe and information here’s the music and
information about the car the battery and voltage and stuff like that then you
can change from here the other square where you can choice the different
settings so for example let me go to the left side right now in the in the left
side you have these g-force of the car traffic sign system system all wheels
tires information and if we go in every single one from here you can see the
traffic sign gets the system systems pretty cool
and in the middle you have the power meter right here and then you can choice
the map and then you have to map yes in the middle you can see the map so it
looks so cool the resolution and the design it’s so nice guys
Wow I like it I like it very much and I like the navigation right there on the
screen has such a nice design then you can choice to see it bigger all over the
screen and night if you assistant well this is cool
you have the night view assistant so you can see at the long-range wall why this
is something new the night view assistant I wish I had this on my car as
well so in the night you can see with read the passenger’s way way behind your
car a note behind way before your car so that’s pretty cool option to have it on
the car I wish I had this as well night vision that way was that sensors
in the front now I remember quite interesting I didn’t know that and just
find out now so we have interesting cool rudders right here and I see it on some
a witty cars I think I remember I see on some of the the more expensive Audi
these days they have the same brother maybe they have the same night vision I
didn’t try it but I think so here in the menu it’s very simple and can you can
choice the navigation media telephone settings it’s very similar with Porsche
Panamera the new one or Porsche 911s it’s kind of similar but yeah anyway let
me go here on the home screen and you have the media right here you can choice
the telephone and all that stuff the media the the music and Bluetooth and
the connection with the telephone I mean Apple music you can see
I think you can connect also the Android auto I’m not sure but anyway here’s the
music then we have to set things or the car the telephone here you can control
connector telephone your smartphone then you have the settings here on the
settings display and all that stuff language date you can change it from
here you have the displays so on the display yes here I can open it up the
passenger display let me show you let me go back to display and then passenger
display and right here we have a display now if you switch on
the display and then the display its own right now for the passenger so you can
see it you can do it from here you can close it on open enter the way you want
it and then the passenger are able to see the navigation or go in every detail
look at the visibility from the driver point it’s so nice it’s fabulous to be
able to have a screen only for you not sure if you can play videos or films on
this little screen when you drive long trips but you can see the map you can
write you are kind of in the airplane and if you choice to see the map or to
change the music or do some stuff there connect your phone or stuff like this
pretty cool I don’t want to get into detail anyway the video it’s very long
right now now here you can change also the music sound the vehicle information
assistant systems let me go to the vehicle right here and to show you have
the spoiler cleaning position parking brake quicker access buttons vehicle
locking systems yeah this is oh I don’t want to go into detail just guys if
you’re interested you have to – we have to do another video full review with
this with this multimedia system when I go in every detail right here because
it’s so complex you have so any so many things that you can adjust
it here adoptive speed limit Lane Assist night view assist and traffic assistant
and stuff like that all that system security safety systems
are here then yeah the privacy account yeah going back
here we have the battery the charging level you can see it here you have two
timer out there appreciate and free cold the battery you are able to do that
that’s cool there’s a lot they should add this as well you can put it here the
temperature and preheat the battery before you drive so that will be awesome
that will save the battery time the AC device service right here can see the
service have to do it at thirty thousand kilometer they recommend that then
whether manual and stuff like that and connect to the internet right here the
weather and stuff like that I like the mirror as well up here it’s very tiny
edges to look nice the mirror and also those buttons here we have a lady like
SOS button as well no glasses or something just a microphone Alcantara
even here a small mirror LED light handle great great quality on the roof
as I told you before here you can see the weather also in the next day’s very
very cool to be able to see those features and what can I see is this this
car I have to tell you I think this Porsche it’s my favorite Porsche car I
have to tell you that I really like it then here you can change different
position for example let me show you the level of the air suspension you can lift
it up all the way up the car will go up if you drive on the kind of and
not-so-good roads and you can lower it up when you go on the highway you pull
it all the way low and you have an amazing handlings
amazing airflow aerodynamic around the car recuperation here can pro-choice
recuperation of the energy the sound of the car electric electronic sound when
you’re driving that people know you’re there active line assist and all that
system system you can activate it from here and yeah have the trip and the
consumptions right here and then you have to comfort ambient light or ever
see its passenger seat comfort entry and I just passenger seat from here so quite
interesting that you can do that only from the so guys I guess yeah I guess
that was the minute system I don’t want to make it so long video I have fabulous
press the computer button like a computer I have a computer before a
desktop one that have the same button this was identical and I feel like I’m
opening up on a computer and actually this is the computer on the wheels
fantastic computer and when Porsche and was working group did this car they put
all the greatest materials on this car and the shape of the Porsche and yeah I
don’t know it looks so nice I have to tell you I’m wondering if this car
should be one of the most amazing electric cars in the world right now I’m
not sure between these Tesla Model S I know Tesla Model S it’s an old model
they should improve a little bit design the design of this one it’s much better
look much better and it’s impressive with this design how much space you
still have inside the car that that’s that’s fantastic also here are the
information the car in case you wondering you can
pose it and read it out the price and also all that safety system and option
you can read it guys that was my review with the new Porsche Tyco and Turbo S
2020 model I hope you enjoy it check out my other video with the
test-drive of it on my channel if you aren’t from Switzerland or around
Switzerland come here at Porsche Centrum in Bern they have a lot of great cars
you can test drive it and buy it from here also thank you again for watching
please subscribe to my channel if you wanna see more of this video and stay
safe guys see you soon in the next one you