2020 New Tesla Model Y Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have a short footage for you guys with the new Tesla Model Y 2020
model and I hope you will enjoy it first of all I want to say thank you to
Rick that made this video for us and I will add the referral code in the video
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use his referral code and just enjoy it so Rick tell me that today he’s tinted
the front windows as well in the USA it’s allowed to tint also the front
windows so the car look super nice in my opinion it comes with 20-inch rims the
black one also you can see here the tinted windows if you’re wondering how
the car looked like that it looks super nice I like that the chrome delayed come
from factory with these black black handles and also black around the
windows also here you can see the shape of the car from the exterior it’s kind
of similar with the model 3 but much much bigger also the ground clearance
it’s bigger right here you can see better the franck also you can see it
right here guys it’s very similar a little bit deeper a little bit bigger
than what we see on the model 3 here you can see some footage from the interior
also in the interior a little bit of change but almost everything is the same
as on the model 3 in the back it’s much more space than in the model 3 and also
we have the hatchback in the trunk here we have the automatic button so you just
have to pull the button and the seat it will fall down just like that
so you will see that you have much much more space than the model 3 right here
and also yeah if you want to see a deeper review you can check out on my
channel I have another review with it so you can see it there more in details
here it’s a little bit shorter and faster and I hope you get some ideas
about the car also the screen it’s similar with the model 3 here you can
see a little bit better in the front here the the Franck also here behind the
Franck is the new heat pump that there’s not bottle why come with a heat pump
something bad you will never find in Tesla Model 3 the heat pump didn’t know
the heat pump helped the battery for a longer range and I think Tesla it’s for
the first time when they had this heat pump on the Tesla Model Y so that’s a
great thing also you can see the entrance in the trunk pretty big
entrance in my opinion you can you can stick there a lot of stuff and also you
can see better the tinted windows right now the car from the side look very nice
and I think those 20-inch rims they fit pretty nice with the car the front of
the car it’s super similar with the model free you don’t even know if it’s
an Y or model 3 it’s it is very similar and yeah other than that I like the
plastic around the wheels and also another nice change is the automatically
lift gate in the back here pretty awesome I like that and also a little
bit different in the back here we have much more space on the on the back for
the passengers also we have two cupholders
armrest right here in the back and also you can see the Alcantara the leather
the the speaker right there it’s it’s very similar and also we have to change
inside the car is the USB C port right here in the back is no no more USB 2
it’s USB C and also the speaker in the back it’s a little bit different
other than that Alcantara better and material quality it’s very
similar also you can fall down only the middle
part this is good here in the trunk and if you wondering what it’s under the
floor you will see that under the floor you still have a huge space here this
space is much more bigger than what you find in model-free and this is this is a
good thing and another place right here on the floor guys something that you
don’t find in Mordor freak you have one other space where you can store your
stuff there so it’s it is a huge huge space inside this new test
also the glass roof it’s different we have a glass all over from the front to
the back sorry for the footage right here
it’s not so clear but you get the point you get idea that all over the roof it’s
one glass so you can see it here that it’s one big glass so it this is
different and in my opinion it looks much better than in the Tesla Model 3
other than that the mirrors the mirror right here the buttons are very similar
also the glow box it’s very similar it’s the same as you find on the model 3 the
same size and yeah here you can you can see some footage from exterior with a
car and guys I will show you again some picture with the difference between the
model 3 here and model why so you can see the difference a little bit here I
don’t know if you can make an idea it’s a little bit bigger not so much but it’s
much taller and yeah but to put the shape of the car it is very very similar
here it’s the cooperation with the Model X and I think Model X it’s a little bit
bigger also in the front if you see the ground here means it’s much taller on
the model it’s then on the moon why but it’s it’s still a big car I always
expect to be a little bit smaller but yeah here you can see the Trader Joe’s
we have a bag here so you can make an idea how big is the throng in my opinion
it’s a little bit bigger than in Tesla model of me so it’s not a bad thing guys
that was the video I hope you enjoy it I hope you make an idea you can check
out the other videos on my channel there I have another one it’s a little bit
more in detail also thank you for watching don’t forget to use the
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stay safe and see you soon