2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS: First Impressions — Cars.com

we’re here with the redesigned 2020
mercedes-benz GLS now lots of all-new changes for the big SUV for this year
and Mercedes says that this is the s-class of large SUV’s I’m not quite
sure it lives up to that building but let’s go inside and check out some of
the big changes now the GLS debuts in the face of view competition namely in
the form of the BMW x7 there wasn’t really very many large luxury SUVs that
were worth talking about coming out of Germany the old GLS while it was a big
inside didn’t really have the same kind of space and luxury that you’d really
expect out of a car with that price tag not so the new one an extension of 2.4
inches to the wheel bases add enough interior room that you can now fit adult
size passengers across all three rows now Mercedes says you can actually fit
someone up to six foot four in the third row we didn’t have any one six foot four
but we did ask one of our six-foot-two editors to climb in the back and he was
perfectly comfortable back there and that means that you can fit six adults
in the car for long trips these changes are very important because the BMW x7
frankly has my favorite third row of any three row SUV and the GLS isn’t quite
there it doesn’t have quite the same level of visibility and comfort but it’s
in the ballpark and that is no small feat pun intended because you could fit
again big passengers in there lots of room Mercedes also offers some unique
features back there it has four USB charge ports in the third row and that’s
what any other vehicle that I’ve seen now looking at the GLS you might be
forgiven for not knowing that it’s all new exterior updates are very very
subtle there are some tweaks to the grille Mercedes says that its octagonal
it still looks more like an oval and also in the back there are some new tail
lamps that are very attractive they have some 3d LED detailing that will kind of
give it a distinctive visual signature especially at night inside though
changes are wholesales up front to very large 12.3 inch screens that are mounted
side-by-side so they actually do look like one really large screen and then as
we mentioned before lots of extra room on the interior lots of extra travel in
the second row so it can actually slide forward and back 3.4 inches more than
last year and what that does is it gives you a lot of flexibility also giving you
a flexibility six seater seven seat passenger configuration it has a no-cost
option so you can go for a bench or you can go for captain’s chairs without
paying extra along with the x7 the GLS presents a very good case against having
to buy a minivan to carry a lot of people around both cars are big
luxurious and should provide soccer moms with plenty of scratch away
carry on lots of people while doing so in style mercedes-benz GLS will go on
sale in late 2019 and be sure to check back with cars.com for more details
including pricing and fuel economy closer to that date