2020 Lincoln Aviator: First Look — Cars.com

in a victory for common sense Lincoln is
moving away from alphanumeric vehicle names to named you can actually remember
the latest one is the aviator and no you won’t need to clear three hours and make
a lot of popcorn to take this one in the aviator is a three row luxury SUV and we
saw it a few months back during the Auto Show circuit as sort of
a pre-production prototype kind of preview if you will of what was to come
this is the production version and it’s very likely to share roots with the next
generation Ford Explorer Lincoln remember is for its luxury brand
when it hits dealerships it will slot between the Nautilus and the navigator
in Lincoln’s SUV lineup brash styling defines the Aviator up front where the
SUV gets a little bit more of a sculpted hood than what you see on the navigator
as well as Lincoln’s now common horizontal grille with a little cutout
in at the bottom middle portion instead of holes in the shape of Lincoln’s logo
which you see on most other Lincoln models the Aviators grill gets a unique
sort of 3-dimensional silver droplet design some versions will have a sort of
dispersion theme where the droplets actually get bigger and denser near
Lincoln’s logo kind of an interesting touch we’ve had a chance to see the
aviator in person at the 2018 LA Auto Show and we can report that the
horizontal belt line and tall windows lend a very good visibility while the
interior which looks similar to that of the new navigator should have very good
high quality materials once this car hits dealers it should also be very
straightforward to use thanks to an easy-to-use ten inch touchscreen and
lots of intuitive controls below it among the new technologies is a head-up
display that uses digital light processing instead of thin film
transistor technology what does that mean well that means if you wear
polarized sunglasses you should actually be able to see the head-up display now
speaking of polarizing the third row doesn’t quite live up to Lincoln’s
claims of adult friendly space sliding second row seats with walking access
ensures that third row passengers can negotiate more knee space from those in
the second row but we found the third row bench awfully low to the floor so
you’re kind of squatting there without a ton of headroom to show for it this is a
rare miss for Ford and Lincoln which are known for nice tall 3rd rows
either way the aviator shouldn’t be known for being slow twin-turbo 3 litre
v6 with a stout 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque will power this SUV
with a plug-in hybrid version making an anticipated 450
horsepower and 600 pounds feet of torque serious numbers and you can get behind
the wheel of this when the new aviator hits dealers sometime in 2019 of course
be sure to stay tuned to cars comm for plenty more information about the
aviator and the 2018 LA Auto Show you