2020 Kia Soul, Soul EV: First Look — Cars.com

SUVs have become so popular that even
little hatchbacks that aren’t SUVs are being marketed as them cars like the
Nissan kicks and the Kia’s soul well that appears to be even more the case
with this redesign of the 2020 model year Kia Soul which gets an ex line trim
level that has a little more cladding on it to kind of look bulkier and maybe a
little more off-road ready even though it’s just a front wheel drive hatchback
still lots more has changed about the SOL including most dramatically its
front expression here gone is last year’s kind of Kia Tiger nose grille
there’s actually this big kind of front bumper opening that replaces it down
lower the headlights are actually kind of splayed out to the side of that
opening not where you’d expect kind of where youth might think fog lights are
the fog lights obviously sit below that and up top are just daytime running
lights that are joined by this kind of unibrow sort of look kinda recalls in
certain ways the old Scion xB another box car that was once a rival of the Kia
Soul no longer in the market the soul is kind of it’s the only box car left and
well now it’s kind of being marketed more as sort of a crossover II maybe a
little tiny SUV type thing in back the souls taillights take on a little more
of a hockey stick design there’s also some dark trim that kind of separates
them as well as separating the roof to give a sort of floating roof look it’s
popular in many cars now overall dimensions up about 2.2 inches for the
sole wheelbase is a little bit longer as well but the car overall keeps kind of
the boxy design for which it’s been known inside Kia says Packaging has
improved cargo volume by about five cubic feet versus the outgoing soul and
of course it wouldn’t be a soul if there weren’t funky textures and colors going
on of course that is the case with this redesign front Center is a big ten and a
quarter inch dashboard display that’s just big in any car let alone a likely
to be affordable compact model you also get dual zone climate control and plenty
of mood lighting that can alter to the beat of your music there’s actually six
selectable moods now there’s heyyo party time traveling romance midnight
city and cafe I’ll take heyyo for four hundred Alex and if it’s a Daniel double
anyway drivetrains the regular 4-cylinder works with a continuously
variable automatic transmission or a 6-speed manual while the turbo
4-cylinder works with a dual clutch automatic transmission there’s also
going to be a sole Eevee coming out although kia doesn’t have full details
on range and all that other good stuff you won’t find out that until early in
2019 but you can stay tuned to cars comm to read plenty more about the soul and
the soul Eevee the soul goes on sale in the first half of 2019 you