2020 Hyundai Palisade: Review — Cars.com

three row SUVs are more popular than
ever before and the segment is more competitive than ever before in the 2020
model year alone we’re looking at three new vehicles the all-new Kia telluride
the fully redesigned Ford Explorer and this the all-new Hyundai palisade though
the palisade is the last of these three to come to market I think that it is
well worth the wait because much like to Telluride with which it bears more than
a passing resemblance it is very very good now the two vehicles are kind of
like other Hyundai Kia vehicles and that they share a lot of components
especially mechanically so underneath the two have the exact same powertrain
the same chassis a lot of the same body structure but everything that you see in
touch is different on the Palisades than the Telluride so the exterior styling
the interior materials and the dashboard layout are all different and the palette
also comes with a few unique features which I think do give it a leg up on the
Telluride we came to Idaho to put the palisade through its paces driving
it both on and off road to see if it can stack up to the best that this segment
has to offer so while the Telluride has more kind of rugged styling inside and
out of the palisade also we’re kind of a cleaner more modern look so starts up
here with the dashboard this has the optional 10.25 inch large multimedia
touchscreen actually very well placed sometimes these large touchscreens are
hard to reach for the driver especially on the far side but here in the palisade
very easy to reach both sides I don’t have to like lean way forward to reach
even the far side of the screen which is something that I appreciate one way that
the palisade differentiates itself from the Telluride is this twelve point
three inch fully digital display cluster so this is standard on limited models
like the one that we’re in and it is a very very good application of a digital
gauge cluster sometimes these screens can be overwhelming they can either feed
you too much information or sometimes they’re too simple and don’t feed you
enough this one is kind of just right so you can actually change out what shows
up in the middle of the screen and it will bump that information to the right
side so let’s say you want to see how all your safety functions are working
and will move your trip meter or how much range you have left to the right
side effectively using both spaces and the palisade also comes with a very cool
bit of technology so Honda introduced Lane watch
feature that when you turn on the right turn signal they would actually show it
what was in your right side blind spot the palace it kind of takes that
technology to the next level so it works now whether you have the
turn single to the left or to the right and will actually take over part of the
screen to show you actively what’s in the blind spot so you don’t say you’re
merging to the left flip on the left turn signal it’ll show you temporarily
on the left side of the screen where the speedometer is what’s in your left side
blind spot flip it to the right it doesn’t on the right side where the tach
is so when your highs will naturally go when you kind of turn a turn signal
that’s the size they use in very high resolution cameras very easy to see
what’s in those blind spots even though this ability is pretty good all around
the policy is cop big windows on all sides this is still a very welcome
feature for those who want to merge safely another big difference between
the two vehicles is the palisade doesn’t have a traditional gear shift so it
actually goes to a push-button gear selector which I don’t like but what I
do like is that Hyundai actually did something with the space so by going
from a traditional gear selector to these buttons here they’ve opened up the
space in the center console you have a nicely sized bin that has a wireless
charging pad right here but what you really gain is this underneath storage
space where Hyundai has also put another USB port in a 12-volt charging port as
well driving the palisade is pretty similar
to driving to Telluride and that is a good comparison under the hood the same
3.8 liter v6 making 291 horsepower and it comes mated to an 8-speed automatic
transmission the palisade rides and drives very confidently there’s enough
power from the engine that it doesn’t feel super taxed in getting the
palestine’ up to speed which is impressive for such a large vehicle as
this so whether you’re going from 0 to 20 or trying to get up to speed to pass
someone on a highway we’re able to do both things very quickly and with a lot
of confidence especially when you’re in sport mode which kind of heightens the
throttle response the palisade doesn’t necessarily feel quick but it does give
you enough confidence that you’re gonna be able to make it up and on ramp or
pass someone in the time that you need to this is the limited model so 20 inch
optional wheels and sometimes with larger wheels vehicles don’t ride as
well as you think this car still rides very well it can’t get a touch nosy over
rough roads and there’s a decent wind noise but those are both things
that you can say about to Telluride and they didn’t prevent me from having
conversations with people in the cabin without having to raise my voice for
folks who do need to reach the third row with their voice there is a kind of like
a mic projector so you just turn something on in the multimedia screen
and then your voice actually gets broadcast over the speakers so if you
need to yell down some unruly children there’s an easy way to do that
that’s the other way in which the palisade differentiates itself from the
Telluride it actually has a powered third row so there’s this helpful array
of buttons here in the cargo area and they allow you to raise all over the
third row in the second row even without any more effort than pressing a button
so both separate switches for both the left and the right side and from here
you can actually lower all the seats down to open up a nice large cargo area
I also put the palisade through what I like to call the three Brian’s tests so
my online dating profile it might say that I’m 6 feet tall but in real life
I’d say I’m more like 511 okay like 510 and a half and what I do is I set up the
front seat to where I like to drive and then go to the second row set that up to
a comfortable place behind the front seat and then climb through the third
row to see if you can actually fit three adult passengers front to back in the
SUV the palisade does pass the Brian test but barely so you can definitely
fit adult passengers back there I had enough legroom and Headroom however
there’s not enough back support in the seat in the floors kind of highest your
knees do rest off of the seat which means that it won’t be comfortable
sitting back there for longer trips so I would say you could put someone back
there for like an hour and they’d be alright but for three or four hours and
they might mutiny Hyundai also did a very good job much like Kia did of
putting a lot of amenities in the second and third row so second row passengers
here actually get heated and ventilated captains chairs and in the third row you
have power tilt and recline as well as two USB ports so plenty of charging
options all around and plenty of amenities for first second and third row
passengers with all those extra features on board you might think that the
palisade cost more than the Telluride but actually fully loaded it comes in at
about 300 dollars west the vehicle behind me is right around forty-seven
thousand dollars and that gives a palisade excellent value in this segment
where other vehicles such as the Explorer can top out near sixty thousand
dollars so with this vehicle you’re looking at a lot of value some great
features and a really thoughtful interior that I appreciate now the
difference between the palace in the Telluride even with that slight
difference in price I think that you could choose either one without giving
up too much it’s really gonna kind of come down to styling so if you want
something that looks we’re rugged you might lean to us to
Telluride if you want something that looks more modern and urban the palisade
might be for you either way you can’t really go wrong both are excellent
vehicles and they give Hyundai and Kia an excellent one-two punch in this very
popular segment