2020 Hyundai Palisade: Interior Impressions — Cars.com

we’re here in Detroit with the 2020
Hyundai palisade their all-new 3 row SUV now as striking as this cars purple
paint color is we found even more to like on the inside here are four things
to watch out for first area that we want to highlight in the palisade interior
quality now the vehicle that we’re in right now actually has quilted leather
not only on the seats but also on the door panels as well and it has a suede
headliner those are the kind of touches that you usually only find in a luxury
vehicle but we’re happy to see them here on the palisade and the palisade also
backs it up by having some features that are usually only reserved for luxury
vehicles as well such as a heated and ventilated second row second highlight
for the palisade spaciousness now Hyundai says this is the largest SUV
they’ve ever made and it shows it actually has room across all three rows
for adult passengers which isn’t something that you could say previously
about the Santa Fe which was pretty cramped back here sitting back here
plenty of headroom and even plenty of legroom I have about three or four
inches between my knees in the front seats and that’s not something that you
can find in many vehicles in this class particularly the Atlas and Traverse have
third rows that stand out this one is right up there with them there’s one
caveat we have enough seat belts here for three people we’re not really enough
hip room so if anyone’s wide like me you’re not going to fit more than two
the third area that we want to highlight for the palisade technology now we have
a 10-point to 5 inch screen here for the multimedia display and a fully digital
twelve point three inch display for the cluster beyond the screens USB ports for
charging in every row as well as a wireless charging pad up front another
thing that we like about the palisade that’s kind of true about hunting’s in
general a very simple easy to use multimedia system menus are big easy to
find the screen is in the right place and you can reach it without leaning too
far forward and it comes with standard Android auto and apple carplay the final
area that we want to highlight with a palisade is what I would call ease of
access so third row is very spacious but if it’s hard to get back there it’s not
really that useful to you but thankfully the Powell estate has tilting slides
single touch seats on both sides and a wide door opening so you can easily
climb into the third row I found a lot to like about the Hyundai Palisades
interior and there’s just one piece of the puzzle missing for this vehicle and
that would be pricing which Hyundai says will be available closer to its on sale
date of summer 2019