2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: The Best Sports Car | Edmunds Top Rated 2020

the formula of America’s most iconic sports car, Chevy took a
big risk, but one that we think will pay huge dividends. The 2020 Corvette
Stingray offers an unbeatable combination
of performance and value. In moving the engine
from under the hood to behind the
cockpit, the Corvettes gain the kind of poise,
agility, and balance you’d expect from
an exotic super car. And that engine is a naturally
aspirated V8, the only one still available in a
mid-engine sports car. It’s super responsive and
delivers a deep bass rumble when you jump on the throttle. CARLOS LAGO: The Corvette
nails the performance figures and the driving
experience, but it does so with a base price
that’s just $60,000. And Chevy isn’t
sneaking one by either. Adding the options to make the
one you actually want to get and the one Edmunds has on order
bumps that price to $75,000. And the Corvette is
a highly usable car during the commute, an often
overlooked but crucial part of sports car ownership. The ride isn’t just
comfortable enough, it’s borderline luxurious. When you take it
to a racetrack, you find it has responsive
steering and nimble handling, and a transmission that rivals
sports cars costing twice as much. With the 2020 Corvette
Stingray, Chevy hasn’t just built another sports car. It’s delivered a thrilling
driving experience with super car presence
at a real world price.