2019 Volvo XC40: First Impressions — Cars.com

Volvo’s newest SUV the XC 40 is also its
smallest little less than a foot shorter than the xc60 the all-new XC 40 has a
lot more than meets the eye we’ll start out with what does meet the eye and
that’s styling the XC 40 looks like a truncated xc60 with lots of traditional
Volvo cues now the automaker’s vertical grille here with lots of slats going up
and down Thor’s hammer headlights you get around the side certainly the most
defining aspect has to be those sea pillars the belt line it kind of sweeps
up kicks into them they’re big and bold they definitely define the profile of
this vehicle now the XC 40 is an entry-level suvs you’d expect materials
to take a little bit of a decline versus the xc60 in xc90 and that is true once
you get below kind of arm and elbow level but although still hides most of
that pretty well with some nice interesting textures especially around
eye level and lots of technology there’s a 9 inch give-or-take touchscreen here
in the center with most controls on it apple carplay and android auto will be
standard volvo says and lots and lots of practicality inside this interior of
this car here at the Auto so nice to see from a luxury brand there’s a big bin
here with wireless phone charging here ahead of the cupholders there’s a little
bin kind of wedged between the cupholders and the big bin
there’s even an in-car trash basket right here waste basket that is
removable you can kind of throw trash in here and the cover flips shut if you
need to empty it the top comes off so you can do that as well there’s even
what Volvo is calling kind of a takeout bag holder it flips down here from the
glove compartment allows you to hang bags there from your favorite restaurant
I guess big door pockets and let’s check out the cargo area real quick to the
utility certainly doesn’t end up front the 60/40 split-folding rear seat has a
standard Center pass through here available releases here to
electronically kind of send the seats which are spring-loaded down for you
from the cargo area there’s also this dual floor here you get a little more
storage underneath and you’re perfect for actually storing the cargo cover in
Volvo’s says check this out when you bring it up top these protrusion is here
double as grocery bag hooks now the XC 40 hits dealerships in spring
of 2018 starting around 36,000 dollars and that’ll get you an all-wheel-drive
t5 version with about and fifty horsepower now come summer a
185 horsepower t4 version with front-wheel drive will also be available
for a price of around $34,000 definitely in the thick of subcompact and compact
SUVs from luxury brands so plenty to hear from Volvo once those go on sale you