2019 Volkswagen Jetta: First Drive

we’re here in Raleigh Durham North
Carolina to look at the new Jetta and it really is new new technology new
platform new safety features new design each others new styling is still a
grown-up look but it goes for a bit more drama and a bit more upscale feel as a
larger grille more chrome sharper sculpting standard LED headlights and
daytime running lights as well as standard LED tail lights for those who
want a sporty you’re looking a Jetta Volkswagen offers the our line model a
mid price model that has additional features including a piano black grille
its own 17-inch darkened wheels piano black mirror caps and around back it has
its own bumper with dual chrome exhaust tips inside the our line has its own
grand black seats and it has great contrast stitching on the seats and on
the steering wheel another thing that distinguishes the new
Jetta design is a sharp character line that runs from the taillights up and
through into the front fender unfortunately it ends at a fake fender
vent I think we’re over those but it also has in profile a trendier
coupe-like roofline that is not so extreme that it cuts into rear seat
Headroom still looks good it also isn’t so extreme that it cuts into the trunk
so much that you have trouble getting the trunk loaded a highlight of the
Jettas new interior design is a driver-focused dashboard the instruments
and touchscreen wrap around you you can feel a little bit of Gulf DNA in this
the touchscreen is now an 8 inch premium screen 6.5 inches is standard and that’s
still bigger than the largest screen and the old model also the screen is moved
up and into your line of sight whereas in the old model it was down below by
the gearshift one new feature is a choice of 10 colors of ambient lighting
that reps all around you through the dashboard and the doors and if you have
a favorite color for that lighting you can have it every time you get in the
car thanks to a personalization feature in the Nuge
which saves up to 4 profiles including the lighting but also your radio presets
how you like to digital instruments a variety of other features another
feature that’s a first for a Jetta and a first for Volkswagen is a premium audio
system that is a beats system 7 speakers including a subwoofer in the trunk
Volkswagen has also designed a lot more cabin storage into the new Jetta that
includes large door pockets front and rear a nice device bin in the front with
a soft bottom and a larger console which includes thoughtfully a light interior
so you can actually find things in there one odd thing for the tech-savvy new car
however is that it has only two USB ports one up front one in the console
plus a 12-volt while the interior of the new Jetta is a lot more pleasant place
to be most of it is about the front of the cabin the back seat is roomy enough
it has plenty of legroom and Headroom for six-foot adults but it’s just for to
the new larger console intrudes into the leg room pretty much eliminating it for
the middle passenger and also there’s a significant drop down of the materials
quality when you go from the front road to the back road the old Jenna was
already among the more fun to drive compact sedans the new one is even
better thanks to the new platform a revised version of the strong little 1.4
liter turbo carries over but now it’s mated to a new 8-speed transmission with
well spaced ratios and crisp shifting steering was nicely weighted the brakes
are confident cornering was tied down there’s nothing not to like about it I’m
not saying you’ll mistake it for a golf GTI but it is definitely competitive
with the best in compact sedans including the Honda Civic and the Mazda
3 overall the 2019 Jetta redesign is a
much more satisfying vehicle updated technology new style still fun to drive
it could take the Jetta from being a niche player in compact sedans to a true
mainstream competitor for more information go to cars calm