2019 Toyota Yaris Sedan: First Look – Cars.com

Toyota has updated the name for one of
its smallest vehicles the Yaris iA sedan now simply the Yaris sedan a name
that promises to be much more understandable for a lot of consumers
pretty much a refresh on the current generation Yaris iA here a separate
vehicle in the sedan form versus the Yaris hatchback mind you if you didn’t
like the way these sort of twin openings on the lower bumper looked well that
didn’t change for the new model year year but there is some more chrome trim
at the bottom and a honeycomb insert to kind of jazz it up a little bit more you
get around to the headlights here same shape as before but there’s some more
kind of intricacy going on with the bezels there’s this little band of light
that kind of comes around the outside here there’s also more going on inside
the car which I got to say we kind of liked before it mixed sort of
interesting design with some upscale textures again for a subcompact
affordable car thanks to there being three trim levels now instead of the
one-size-fits-all there’s an L and le in an xle this is an xle version here at
the Auto shown it gets some features you used to not be able to get on the Yaris
I ate things like leatherette seats here that’s vinyl seats there’s automatic
climate control now there’s rain-sensing windshield wipers now a 7 inch screen
with the now required backup camera is standard so is a low speed forward
collision warning system with automatic emergency braking nice to see those as
standard features in a subcompact affordable car unfortunately higher
speed automatic emergency braking not available nor is Android auto apple
carplay or a moonroof for that matter still the ers ia was based on the not
free US version of the Mazda 2 that actually made it quite a fun to drive
nimble small car were expecting more of the same closer to it’s on sale date in
fall of 2018 you