2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Ups Its Trail Cred — Cars.com

we’re here at the Chicago Auto Show or
Toyota has just debuted their 2019 full lineup of TRD pros that’s 4runner Tacoma
and tundra but here we’re going to focus on the Tacoma a lot of this is going to
look familiar but there are some significant changes the hood itself very
familiar same air intake on top the Toyota classic Toyota grille design is
standard that’s what they had on the previous generation but now a ton of
safety gear the t SSP and a lot of the star safety system that Toyota makes
standard on all of its vehicles is now equipped in this new TRD package still
has the same quarter inch thick aluminum skid plate underneath but one thing
that’s new this time around is this desert air intake now Toyota’s calling
it a desert air intake because they don’t want you to go river rafting or
water crossing with this vehicle so they typically don’t like to do anything with
fording depths but you could cross a fairly shallow stream if you wanted you
because the front suspension just like on the previous gen has about a one and
a half inch extra amount of ride height to it so coil springs are longer but the
key to this entire package are the Fox shocks had bill stains before but now
more high-tech more high-performance Fox shocks at all four corners here at the
back end of the vehicle the Fox shocks in back have eight different they call
them bypass zone so much more flexible theoretically we’ll be able to do a lot
more different things from rock crawling to high high speed desert racing but
here we have the same tire so it’s a Goodyear Wrangler it’s not any bigger
than the previous generation and frankly maybe and not all that aggressive so
that might be one of the first things that we change out if we had this
vehicle in house also Tacoma still has drum brakes at the rear end but what we
do like we do like this gloss black tip here at the TRD exhaust inside it’s all
about the black outfi black seats on the inside front and rear red stitching
around each of the seats TRD logo on the headrests and on the floor mats
and even on the gearshifter one last feature that’s upgraded for the 2019
tacoma TRD pro is that it has the upgraded Entune JBL audio so much higher
performance for a very high performance vehicle you want to know more about this
vehicle go to pickup trucks calm you