2019 Toyota SX Package: First Look

we’re here at the State Fair of Texas
where we thought we might see a hint of what the next generation Toyota Tundra
might be but no luck that’s still a year maybe even more off in our future what
we did get here at the State Fair is the new SX trim package both for the tundra
and the Tacoma on the tundra it’s providing a little more kind of a
blackout theme a little more customized youth-friendly
package so it’s a little cheaper and it also has a little more interesting look
to it starts with 18 inch high gloss alloy wheels and then removes all the
badging around the pickup truck but it does have blackout door handles and a
blackout mirror and even some blackout headlights to give it that customized
look it’s only going to be offered with the big five seven liter v8 only in
double cab configuration which is Toyota speak for the extended cab but will be
offered in both 4×2 and 4×4 configuration the price above the sr5
trim package for this new SX is one thousand six hundred and thirty dollars
the Tacoma SX will be a little bit different but
also similar they’ll remove all the badging it will have sixteen inch matte
finish black rims and will be offered in the Access Cab which in Toyotas peak is
their extended cab version it will only have the v6 and will be offered in both
4×4 and 4×2 configurations now on top of the SR base-level trim for the Tacoma
there’s a 560 dollar premium for this new SX package for more information go
to pickup trucks calm you