2019 Toyota RAV4: First Look — Cars.com

Toyota has redesigned its best-selling
model the rav4 compact SUV and it’s certainly a boxier kind of more beefy
looking SUV than it the previous generation which looks more deliberately
crossover if you will this one follows a lot of cues from the FT AC concept as a
concept SUV that Toyota introduced at the LA Auto Show a few months ago you
get a very prominent upright upper grille here a lower grille that kind of
sits here in this sort of sea of cladding
there’s actually a lot of cladding around this vehicle here this limited
grade model at the Auto Show some interesting stuff where you see here for
example the sheet metal kind of pokes out in between the cladding on the front
fender here same goes on in the rear fender and there’s some functionality to
all this form we’re told overall dimensions overall
length is about the same as the outgoing generation but wheelbase up a little
over an inch which makes for shorter approach and departure angles if you’re
going off-road and your rav4 which maybe not very many of you are but also ground
clearance up about half an inch now though the previous generation maxed out
at only about six and a half inches so not that much to begin with a little
more with the redesign a lot of that kind of ruggedness continues over to the
interior of the redesigned rav4 with a lot of kind of shelf-like shapes and
rugged textures going on inside the car very functional though a nice like big
knobs here for the climate controls volume and tuning knobs for the
touchscreen up here and they have this sort of rubberized coating this car here
at the Auto Show it makes them fall to hand very easily easy to kind of just
grab them while your attentions on the road now this screen here 7-inch unit is
standard an 8 inch unit is optional amazon alexa compatibility as well as
apple carplay will be included but Android auto not available yet
unfortunately wireless cell phone smartphone charging down here and lots
of other kind of storage nooks and crannies and overall quality actually
versus the previous generation rav4 which was very inconsistent seems to
have taken a big step forward lots of kind of three-dimensional rolled
stitching here in this car at the Auto Show nice to see you know areas where
your arms in your elbows Lane those have very generous padding including even in
the rear seats where you typically see a big drop-off in cabin materials for a
lot of calm SUVs lots of legroom back here in the
rear seat I’m six feet tall and that’s where I would sit to drive decent
Headroom overhead as well I do wish that Toyota made me raise the back seat
another inch or so off the ground because I could give away that Headroom
and not have my knees so elevated up here in the air that was an issue we had
with the prior generation rav4 it also kind of sat low to the ground in the
back it doesn’t really seem like Toyota addressed it with this redesign like
before the rav4 will come in regular and hybrid versions with new technologies
like torque vectoring all-wheel-drive to improve handling and a disconnecting
rear axle to improve efficiency now must have safety features automatic emergency
braking forward collision warning those would be standard auto standard will be
a new latent centering steering system doesn’t just pinball you off the lane
markings but actually can kind of keep your vehicle centered in your lane with
your hands on the wheel obviously well know a lot more closer to the rav4 is on
sale date so stay tuned rav4 goes on sale in late 2018 rav4 hybrid in early
2019 you