2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro: First Look — Cars.com

we’re here at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show
where Toyota has given slight changes to his lineup of three TRD pro vehicles now
those vehicles would be the tundra the Tacoma and this one which were going to
focus on here the 4runner now cosmetically there’s not a lot different
for 2019 with the 4runner TRD pro it has a new standard roof rack which is kind
of a callback to an FJ in Toyotas new color for 2019 is actually voodoo blue
which is another shout-out to the FJ which have wore that color back in
around 2010 or so now the real exciting changes for the foreigner’ actually
happened in this wheel well and it in the other wheel wells as well now last
year’s model road on Bilstein shocks this year now has Fox shocks which are
taken from last year’s Tacoma TRD pro and that’s standard now across all three
models now the big difference between these shocks is that the Fox shocks have
an internal bypass system and what that means is that it can actually change how
to reacts in different situations so for example the 4runner is driving down the
road and there’s medium load on the shock it can be soft and pliant but if
it rebounds or compresses a lot it can actually change the pressure to prevent
you from bottoming out and not rebound you to hard when you go over a whoop
offroad or something like that now also unique to the 4runner is the
position of this external reservoir on the rear shock because of the way that
it fits in the wheel well they actually had to flip it over on the truck sits on
the bottom but here’s on the top which actually looks like it protects it more
in case you go over something sharp or big off-road Toyota is also adding a
shield under there called the Roush shield to protect the shock further from
damage now the 4runner has always been my favorite of the three TRD pro
vehicles but if you opt for one now there’s a huge caveat both at the coma
and the tundra offer Toyota safety cents Pete standard now that’s a suite of
safety technologies that includes adaptive cruise control lane keep assist
in autonomous forward emergency braking now those technologies aren’t available
on any trim level of the 4runner so if you do opt for the 4runner you’re going
to have to forgo those safety features we did ask further when they could
potentially be coming to the 4runner but they were non-committal now no pricing
information yet on the new 4runner TRD pro it will come out closer to its on
sale date in fall of 2018 you