2019 Subaru Forester: Review – Cars.com

I’ve long been a fan of the Subaru
Forester for its fuss-free blend of practicality safety and comfort for 2019
its revised and gets more of everything the fifth generation of the new model
may not look new its updates are subtle outside but it got a lot of big changes
here are five of the most significant all-wheel drive again returns and so
does the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder but it’s been updated for more horsepower and
more torque it’s strong off the line and adequate on the highway Subaru says it’s
also good for slightly better fuel economy versus the previous generation
and a fuel saving automatic stop start system is now standard also back is the
CVT which feels convincingly like a traditional transmission because of its
7 artificial steps that mimic gear changes it’s the sole transmission this
year the stick shift is no longer available what I don’t like about this
pairing is that it’s loud in fact there’s a lot of noise road wind and
engine noise are pretty intrusive another disappointment for 2019 is the
lack of the optional turbo engine it added some more pep but Subaru said few
people opted for it next ride quality is improved the new Forester now rides on
Subaru’s new global platform that first debuted on the new Impreza and as with
that smaller car the new platform has improved ride quality body roll is
nicely checked and bumps are well damped overall the Forester has stable composed
road manners the cabin is also nicer for 2019 the foresters always had a
no-nonsense look and that’s back this year but it’s dressed up a little bit
more with nicer materials and a more modern design fitting with the modern
theme is the updated multimedia system which Subaru is rolling out throughout
its lineup the touchscreen sits in a great spot on the dash and is responsive
and easy to use room is also up this year in front there’s more small items
storage spaces thanks to a new electronic parking brake the front
center console box is larger and there’s an extra cubby in back there’s more room
but this time it’s four legs the Foresters new platform translates to
over an inch more rear legroom two adults will fit comfortably back
here and two car seats should have plenty of room even the space hogging
rear-facing seats also caregivers with kids in car seats should appreciate the
Foresters extra latch anchor in the middle it makes the car more flexible in
terms of car seat installation maximum cargo volume is also up this year and
the seats fold down easily in a 60/40 split this opening is also wider to make
cargo loading easier the previous model offered a lot of active safety features
with the EyeSight package for 2019 EyeSight is standard across the lineup
equipment includes forward collision warning with automatic braking adaptive
cruise control lane departure warning and lane keep assist in addition blind
spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert with automatic braking are
available as options as is a new driver monitoring system with facial
recognition that watches for signs of driver fatigue or distraction and alerts
the driver when necessary one of the Foresters biggest safety
highpoints hasn’t changed for 2019 it retains its excellent forward and rear
visibility thanks to huge upright windows and narrow pillars the 2019
forester starts just over 25,000 dollars that’s five hundred and sixty dollars
more than a base 2018 model when equipped with the then optional CVT yes
it’s more expensive but the added safety features alone make it worth it the
Forester has never been fancy or fun to drive and this model is no exception but
it’s practical and comfortable and for 2019 Subaru made an even good thing