2019 Subaru Ascent: First Impressions — Cars.com

hey I’ll you suburban nights with your
white picket fences if you think Subaru really mailed it in with its last family
SUV effort the Tribeca well I Got News for you
Subaru is back with a new vehicle that says is a truly large vehicle designed
for the American family it’s called the ascent now Subaru already previewed the
ascent with an assent concept vehicle that came out at the last round of auto
shows this looks pretty similar here you see this giant grill it spreads across
the nose here comes fairly far down the bumper a pretty clean bumper setup here
overall reminds us of kind of a larger version of the outback or the Forester
Subarus smaller SUV ground clearance here on the ascent is eight point seven
inches that’s about as much as it is on the outback and that’s despite this
being considerably longer nose to tail about seven inches longer than the
outback right and how bumper-to-bumper about five inches longer than the old
Tribeca you come around the back here a couple features I’ll point out first off
check this out if you get a towing package the actual trailer hitch here
sits underneath a removable panel it kind of keeps a cleaner design here
similar to what you get on some luxury SUVs up here there’s an additional
camera and that’s for the available rear view mirror system it’s a smart rear
view camera a rear view mirror system we’ve seen on a few other vehicles it
actually shows what’s behind you – whatever you might have in the second
and third rows it actually sits underneath where the wiper can swipe
with the wiper washer so Subaru says if it gets dirty you can actually get it
clean not to be confused with the back of camera which actually sits down there
pretty straightforward interior here with the dashboard that kind of
waterfalls down here toward the center console not a ton of storage space as
big three row family SUVs should go but you do get some ease a little tray ahead
of here and you can maybe throw some things in this little shelf right here
overall materials at this car at the Auto Show of course subject to change
they seem pretty good there’s a lot of kind of convincing three-dimensional
stitching on certain areas of the dashboard it stays consistent as you get
to the second row Subaru didn’t cheap out there lots of family-friendly
features here an eight-inch touchscreen here in this car at the Auto Show apple
carplay Android auto there’s 19 cupholders and up to 8 USB ports plus a
120 volt household outlet so no one should really be lacking
for power now the second row comes either as a three seat bench or two
separate captain’s chairs if you get the bench it extends maximum seating
capacity in the ascent all the way up to eight people I’m six feet tall that’s
where I would sit to drive and I have decent room right here with the seat all
the way backwards even with it all the way forwards it’s okay now another
editor who’s taller than six feet he and I actually worked out a pretty good
compromise between the second row and the third row it’s not terribly roomy
back there but it’s certainly workable for adults on short trips that’s about
as good as it gets in a 3-row crossover SUV and a first for subaru eyesight will
be a standard feature not optional on the new ascent that includes things like
forward collision warning automatic emergency braking adaptive cruise
control a lot more safety features there standard a turbocharged 4-cylinder puts
out about 260 horsepower soon who says it’s good for as much as 5,000 pounds of
towing capacity that’s very competitive with other three row SUVs expect a lot
more including our driving impressions and full pricing which Subaru promises
will start in the low $30,000 range once the new ascent goes on sale in the
summer of 2018 you