2019 Ram 1500: First Impressions

we’re here at the Detroit Auto Show
where RAM is showing their all-new 2019 Ram 1500 now there’s a lot to talk about
here because this is a brand new vehicle let’s get started we’re here with this
limited-edition Ram 1500 but on all these vehicles brand new design inside
and out on the outside you’ll notice that we have a new hood with different
power bulges also the grills completely different grilles on each of the seven
trim packages headlights are going to be completely determined by what trim
package you have halogen LED or different sensor packages you might want
as well to here on the side of the hood is where you’re going to be identified
as a half-ton pickup truck with the engine choice underneath as far as the
wheels there’s more than 16 I think maybe 18 different wheel choices
depending on trim and option packages and here you can see on the side as well
to here very clear and distinct to different line cuts to try to keep it
very symmetrical all the way back this is the crew cab model that’s now four
inches longer even the bed itself is an inch and a half taller so it more evenly
connects and lines up with the cab configuration here at the back end brand
new tail light design as well again depending on what trim package you have
and what options you want and the tailgate can be dropped from the inside
with a push of a button or from the key fob one final design detail here at the
back end of the truck a brand new more chiseled Rams head but designers have
kept the are AM lettering here on the back with the rebel package in fact the
rebel package the more sporty ER of the trim levels still has the big wheels and
tires still has the taller suspension lift on it’s about one inch higher
whether you get the brand new coil springs availability on the rebel
package or you get the four corner air suspension but the big news quad cab
configuration here on the rebel will make this a much shorter wheelbase and
much more sporty or vehicle to take on the trails but here’s the big design
change here you get the power the power bulge hood so this is brand new still
has the vents just like the Mopar sport hood
from the previous generation but now identifies this rebel as a half-ton here
up up on here up on top and also what engine is underneath finally here at the
grill you have the very familiar swoop over
the RAM lettering but this is a completely redesigned bumper and skid
plate if you’re looking for something a little more Street stealthy maybe this
Laramie sport black packages is what you’re interested in it’s got the sport
hood it’s got a black out front grille still has the big Ram lettering but you
get black inserts here in the headlights you get unique wheels you also get
blackout mirrors door handles and also on the tailgate you get the blackout
design here the Rams head but also blackout four inch dual tailpipes for
power trains they’re gonna offer mild hybrids both for the 3.6 liter Pentastar
v6 and the 5.7 liter Hemi that’s what this is right here this is the motor
generator a 48 volt system that actually has a 300 watt battery pack that allows
this new pickup truck to have start/stop capability and to provide 90 foot pounds
of additional torque with the v6 and a hundred and thirty additional
foot-pounds of torque for the 5.7 liter v8 the frame itself this is all new it’s
fully boxed it’s got these splayed frame rails here in the front so it has better
front head and collision crash-testing and offset crash testing it’s got these
tire breaker bars here in the back but I don’t want to forget this either upper
control arms here on the front suspension these are composite lower a
arms are aluminum the entire weight savings on this brand new frame is about
90 pounds when you compare it with the 2018 model Ram half-ton pickup truck
still has the same number of cross members this particular example has the
four corner air suspension where you have the compressor tanks here in the
back and here at the back a much stronger crossmember configuration here
where you have the tow hitch now it’s capable of towing a maximum
12700 pounds a lot of big changes here in the interior as well
brand-new gauge cluster here an Information Center here for the driver
tilt and telescoping steering wheel very cool reconfiguring storage area
here almost looks like a giant monster minivan storage bin but the big story a
completely redone information screen here that can control all of your AC
your radio your climates and even provide some Netflix Lite ordering
features that you can do if you sign up for the Sirius XM 360 l package but this
is a very cool gigantic screen that you have and also new leather materials dual
storage bins here in the glove boxes and let’s take a look in the back a lot of
changes there too here in the back of the crew cab you can get a completely
flat load floor and you can get an optional heated and cooled seats for
rear passengers you’ve got the RAM bin but now it’s twice as large as it was
before and the seats themselves have this amazing center console here plenty
of storage cupholders also the seats themselves and slide forward so I get an
eighth degree recline here if I want to go to sleep over these long-haul trips
but very cool let’s take a look underneath you get even more storage in
fact if you need a little bit more than this a couple flips put that up now
great place to store fishing poles another great interior feature is that
you can literally see almost the entire outdoors with this giant Sun roof and
before we move on to cool features here in the center console one all sorts of
mathematical calculations to calculate angles or mathematical equations also
here at the bottom at the back end here on this little flip up four generations
of side view styles of the RAM half-ton pickup truck and we’ve only scratched
the surface with this video of the 2019 ram 1500 but if you want more
information go to pickup trucks dot-com you