2019 RAM 1500 e Torque Explained

we’re here at the Detroit Auto Show
where ram has just revealed the brand-new 2019 ram 1500 and of specific
importance to us as this new powertrain mild hybrid choice they’re offering with
us now Michael did Haim who’s going to talk to us about exactly how this works
yeah Mike thank you very much for spending time yeah thanks for having me
here so you know as we were beginning the engineer the RAM we wanted to focus
on making sure we maintain durability and efficiencies but real on focus on
efficiency and technology so this brings us to our new edition of electrification
re-torque system it’s a 48 volt system that’s mounted on the front when the
traditional area where the alternator would go and basically we use this to
start and stop the engine it starts it very fast very seamlessly in less than
four tenths of a second so I’m assuming you guys don’t have a PA numbers yet but
no but is there a percentage improvement so so we’re expecting you know somewhere
I think rough numbers are about 10 percent
improvement in our fuel economy numbers so a pretty pretty significant game and
it’s actually both on the 30 and the v6 and the v8 its standard on the v6 it’s
optional on the v8 and then our a torque system we use this basically as I said
to start and stop the engine we also use it as part as recuperation
so as the vehicle is slowing down we’ll take that energy its absorbed by this
and recharges the 48 volt battery in the system so it’s technically the mild
hybrid system that allows the start and stop capability that’s great in the
transmitter so the start/stop is all done by the mild hybrid system so we
integrate all of our controls through the powertrain in the vehicle so it’s
actually a controlling system it’s one unit as we look at it so it it has
ability to start and stop it helps the engine with four cylinder and and eight
cylinder activations and also we use it to help boost when
we’re in 4-cylinder mode so many times in 4-cylinder mode we just want to tip
in a little bit and it’ll switch the eight cylinder we can use the 130
foot-pounds of torque in the e torque system to help assist the engine and
remain in four-cylinder motor long as it is so walk me through exactly when I’m
driving when I’m getting the benefit of it so when it stops oh when we’re
driving around town and the whole vehicle shuts down at a red light that
that makes perfect sense am I getting the
benefit of the battery power at takeoff gently so what we do is when we we go to
launch the system basically we use the 430 foot-pounds of torque to start the
engine and we continue to boost until the engine torque comes up now on the
eight cylinder and the 600 of torque comes up pretty quickly so we use that
to fill the lower end and then let the engine take over so it helps us with
some acceleration as well when we can this star excellent so when I’m driving
at 50 or 60 miles an hour and I punch the throttle isn’t that am I getting
some benefit at that point no we won’t get much benefit there basically that’s
all the engine but when we’re driving at 50 60 miles an hour this basically acts
as an alternator then and then inside of the battery pack there’s a conversion
system that takes the 48 volt system into the 12-volt and supports the whole
12-volt system of the vehicle do you have any sense on how many of these are
gonna be consumers are going to be interested in purchasing you know I
don’t know it’s it’s a very good product for us we’re extremely excited about it
brings good technology to the vehicle gives us a lot of efficiency as well and
10% boost is it only gonna cost 10% more pricing numbers as we look it’s
excellent it’s be very interesting to be able to get this vehicle out India yeah
well it drives like it’s amazing when you get to drive it you don’t know the
engine started you know traditional starter based systems you feel the start
and the shake of the engine this just seamlessly starts it’s just all of a
sudden it’s just running it’s how modular is this in the future could we
have something that is more aggressively electric in a half-ton pickup truck or
is this system pretty well this is very well designed right now for for what
we’re at you know in the future we’ll see what the future lies if we if we
bring more electrification to the full-size what about towing is there any
benefit that the system has this system as far as towing if we’re in 4-cylinder
mode I said we help with that and some of the grades but that’s where I use the
base power of the systems but what the e torque system does if we’re in towing
and our upgraded 8-speed transmission we have almost over 440 shift patterns that
we can select from so the e torque system will automatically choose those
pieces so if we’re in towing it’ll know we’re towing as well as inside of the
vehicle and the shift selector there’s certain driver modes that you can select
okay excellent Mike thank you very much thank you so
much appreciate that thank you so much for more information on the new 2019 ram
1500 go to pickup trucks com you