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we’re here at the 2018 New York Auto
Show with the redesign 2019 Nissan Altima now there are big changes for the
Altima both outside and inside but we’ll start with what’s changed on the
exterior now the most dramatic difference on the ultimate will we found
upfront wear has a second-generation vMotion grille that dips down very low
and this kind of is the same look that you see on both the new cameras into
accord all the automakers seem to be going very low with their front grilles
which makes them look more aggressive now what this has also done is it has
dropped the cowl of the front hood here so it might be a little bit hard to see
from the front but it makes the whole package look more aggressive overall now
changes to the 2019 Altima are not just skin deep underneath the hood there are
also big changes including the addition of all-wheel drive now all-wheel drive
will be available on all five of the Altimas trim levels all the way from the
S to the top of line platinum which were in now there are also changes in the
engine bay for the Altima as well the base engine is a 2.5 liter four-cylinder
and while that’s the same size as the last years engine Nissan says that 80%
of the parts of the engine are new it also makes a little bit more power this
year 188 horsepower and 180 pound feet of torque the other big change for the
ultimate will be its optional engine now last year was a 3.5 liter v6 this year
they’ve downsized it it’s a turbo 2 liter 4 that features what’s called
variable compression technology and now this is a version of the engine that we
first saw in the Infiniti qx50 that fellow editor extraordinaire Kelsey Mays
review and he said that the engine was fine but it had trouble making power
until higher in the RPMs Nissan says that they’ve retune the engine for this
application the Altima so we’ll see if that changes when we get behind the
wheel now both engines will come made it to
the same continuously variable transmission that Nissan offers across
much of its lineup one caveat though if you want all-wheel drive it will only be
available with the base engine now change it to the inside of the Altima or
not as dramatic as what you see on the outside but there is one big change
that’s worth noting and that is a lowering of the front dashboard now what
this does is it gives you a little bit more forward visibility and makes the
car feel a little bit more open what they’ve also done is they can just
taking this touchscreen and moved it up so it still stays in your line of sight
when you’re driving which helps safety now this is an 8 inch multi-touch
display and that’s actually standard across all grades of the Altima
also standard is a 7 inch display on the instrument panel which means that no
matter which ultimate you end up with you’re going to have two pretty good
high resolution screens to look at now there are things that I very much like
and things that I’ve how much don’t like about the 2019
Altimas backseat starting with the good it has very good legroom and actually
there are two USB ports back here for charging now in the production vehicle
that will be one USB a port and one USB C port which is a nice bit of future
proofing things that we don’t like it’s a little bit short on Headroom
I can actually feel my hair bumping the ceiling and then the middle seat there’s
actually a prominent hump here so if I get on this one I’ll end up with a trip
to the chiropractor after sitting here the final exciting addition for the 19
Altima comes on the safety front it will add profile assist on sv SL and platinum
models now this is the third Nissan model to feature pro pilot assist and we
previously tested the system on the road and really liked it there it’s a semi
autonomous system that helps out in stop-and-go traffic or in a single lane
highway driving it does a very good job stuttering the car in the lane and will
keep you a safe difference from the car in front of you now for 2019 Pro pilot
also adds one more feature on the Altamont and that would be rear braking
assist so that will give you front braking assist and rear braking assist
as well no pricing details get in the Altima but we do know it will go on sale
in fall of 2018 now for more news on the Altima and from the 2018 New York Auto
Show stay tuned to cars calm you