2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: First Impressions – Cars.com

there are really only a handful of
vehicles on the planet that you could truly describe as iconic say like the
Chevrolet Corvette or the Porsche 911 maybe the Ford Mustang or the Jeep
Wrangler and this thing this is the mercedes-benz GLE and Avakian
or cross country vehicle in German also called the G class this one is the G 550
it’s been completely redone for 2019 now it looks the same on the outside it’s a
little bit bigger in a couple different dimensions but underneath where it
counts it’s received a number of updates and revisions let’s have a look at
what’s under the skin so yes first of all obviously it still looks like the
box that the mercedes-benz SL actually came in but underneath there’s been some
important revisions to make the G class more livable on-road where let’s be
honest this is really where it spends most of its time the engine is carryover
however it’s still a twin turbo four-litre v8 making 416 horsepower
which is pretty healthy but beneath that you’ve got a new independent front
suspension no more solid axle up front it’s longer as well for increased
interior room there’s actually six inches more room in the back than before
which is really going to help for passengers the back is still a solid
axle and you’ve still got the three locking differentials inside so we can
go off-road better than just about any other vehicle on the planet now the
entire interior has gotten a significant upgrade for 2019 everything in here is
new it’s wider it’s more comfortable all of these materials are new as well but
they’ve kept a couple of things they’ve kept the grab handle which you really do
need if you ever do take this thing off road and they put the three locking
differential switches the same place they have been up high and centered so
that you can operate them easily not that many of its owners in Southern
California will ever push any of these buttons but there they are if you ever
need to you’ve got two 12.3 inch screens in front of you for this widescreen
display that is now pretty much becoming the mercedes-benz standard across the
lineup completely modern all-new interior this feels really good but the
biggest changes and the biggest difference are back there but as nice as
the front is look how much more room there is in the back now originally the
G Wagon was designed as a military vehicle and it felt like it when you
were sitting in the back seat the back seat was high he didn’t have a whole lot
of legroom at all and that really wasn’t all that comfortable now you’ve got a
much more conventional much more reasonable seating position
there’s six inches more legroom back here you really do feel it it’s no
longer the penalty box it was there were only three parts that were carried over
from the previous version of the G class and one of them was this door handle
because of customer insistence the way this thing feels and sounds is so unique
they haven’t made a vehicle that actually feels and sounds like this
since the late 70s just listen to the precision of the way the doors closed
and the feel of the handles as they open I can’t demonstrate the lock for you but
it sounds the same like a bolt-action rifle something milled from a solid
piece of metal it really is extraordinary now there is no price yet
on what this is going to cost but if it’s anything like the current one which
you’re probably will but you’re looking well into six figures to over 200,000
for the AMG versions which we haven’t quite seen yet those will be coming soon
so look for these and more information about the g-wagen on cars comm you