2019 Mercedes Benz CLS-Class: First Look — Cars.com

the mercedes-benz cls-class set the
stage for a lot of coupe like four-door cars with swoopy roof lines and now it’s
been redesigned for the second time here it is behind me the third generation CLS
class now the CLS has always been sort of a rolling design study and that
remains the case for this third generation here similar grille is before
with this bit of chrome here that kind of bisects the whole thing but you look
at these headlights the old CLS kind of headlights that sort of drooped up
toward the fenders here he’s almost she outward very sharply like an arrow on
the side here now the old CLS wasn’t exactly a chiseled looking car but this
looks even more streamlined hard to see that many cut lines as you come along
the side and come around to the rear a very interesting perhaps a little
controversial look here very few elements going on visually you get these
taillights they’re much smaller seaming than the old CLS the taillights and
again they just kind of end in this very sharp form at their edges if you’ve been
inside the current s-class sedan the CLS should seem fairly similar a big screen
across the center actually houses two separate 12-point three inch displays
now they sit within this dome here instead of the old CLS is sort of centre
screen that popped up above the dashboard the dashboard itself is a
little more gradual on how it kind of fades toward the windshield versus
what’s in the s-class and some very interesting design pieces check out
these vents they’ve got kind of these oval-shaped Center parts you can open
and shut them kind of cool um one thing that does remain as we’ve seen in old
CLS classes that roofline does limit headroom both in this row and in back
now when the CLS goes on sale it will have a turbocharged six-cylinder engine
good for 362 horsepower 369 pounds feet of torque plus the lithium-ion battery
and electrical motor that add another 21 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque so
stay tuned for driving impressions pricing fuel economy and a lot more
closer with on sale date in the fall of 2018 you