2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class: The Best Luxury Sedan | 2019 Edmunds Editors’ Choice

Luxury sedans are an indulgence that
should offer something beyond the mainstream. Our Edmunds editor’s choice
luxury sedan for 2019 combined style, quality,
and the latest technology at a surprisingly
accessible price. It’s the Mercedes A-Class. CARLOS LAGO: Entry level
luxury cars are a challenge. You, of course, want an
affordable price, but also the features you’d expect
from an upmarket brand. It’s a tricky balancing act. But one the Mercedes Benz
A-Class nails with aplomb. MARK TAKAHASHI: Even though
it’s the entry level model, the A-Class’s all
Mercedes on the inside– the design, materials
quality, features. Rival cars costing
twice as much. There’s also more room in
the back than you’d expect. The MBUX system debuted
with the A-Class. You can control it with
these steering wheel pads, touch screen, trace
pad as well as voice. It raised the bar
across the industry for infotainment systems. JONATHAN ELFALAN:
The A-Class also delivers an excellent
balance in driving dynamics. It’s nimble and responsive. Yet, it rides
surprisingly well, too. All this in a package
that starts at $32,500. The A-Class is easily one of the
best cars we drove last year. It doesn’t just meet
expectations of an entry level luxury vehicle. It exceeds them. It’s best in class
by a good margin. SPEAKER: Head to Edmunds.com for
a full review of the Mercedes A-Class and to find a
great deal near you. [MUSIC PLAYING]