2019 Kia Sorento Updates — Cars.com

he has family SUV that Sorrento’s
received a lot of updates and here it is with us at the Auto Show visually you
can tell there’s a lot more going on here down below this is an SX limited
model versus what used to be on the SX limited the quad fog lights sort of
remain here but there’s a lot of different portals whether it’s this
thing here or this little section underneath this chrome trim around I
don’t know a lot going on seems a little bit busy for me compared to last year’s
Sorento SX limited headlights have been redesigned tail lights as well now you
get around to the inside we’ll take you through a few changes there but a whole
lot was redesigned not a whole lot needed to be because the inside was
fairly comfortable and fit and finished was good too a 7 inch screen a standard
8 inch screen optional apple carplay and android auto are also standard the
climate controls have been lightly redesigned and the steering wheel now a
4 spoke designed instead of a 3 spoke design here’s one missed opportunity
given that there’s a standard third row a slide in sliding walk-in feature to
the 3rd row only comes on the passenger side in this order I don’t know why Kia
didn’t take this opportunity to add it to the driver’s side as well most
sorento competitors do have both sides access now you can get all this when the
Sorento goes on sale in early 2018 so stay tuned for much more news closer to
them you