2019 Jaguar I-Pace: First Look — Cars.com

we at cars calm we’re kind of a
skeptical Bunch now we’ve seen a lot of electric concepts come and go promising
out there styling and fantastic range but finally we found something that
might melt our cold hearts here in the Jaguar ipace now part of the reason that
I like the I paste so much is that it actually delivers on the promise of the
styling seen on the I paste concept it’s a little bit more muted because you kind
of have to fit things together for a production version for example it has
larger side mirrors because of safety regulations but it still looks
futuristic sleek and it’s a low-slung SUV which is kind of in vogue these days
Jaguar is also using the eye pace to debut a few new technologies that we’ve
already seen from sister brand Land Rovers Range Rover velar so
namely that is touch pro duo and what that is it’s a new multimedia and
all-around system that you use to control much of the functions of the car
without any physical buttons you have two screens here in the center console
and these two dials which will actually change functions so sometimes will be
for climate sometimes they’ll change how the car drives just it’s a way to
interact with the car without actually touching buttons it’s not my favorite
because it’s kind of hard to use while you’re driving but our staff is actually
little bit split on that now the eyepieces plunging roof line might
suggest that there isn’t much room for backseat passengers but that’s not the
case there’s a lot of headroom here and you also get a giant glass roof which
will have a ton of light into the cabin and make everyone feel a little bit more
comfortable one more cool feature in the back row there behind these seats here
there are these two ports now Jaguar will actually sell you different
accessories so you can plug things in there whether it be like a tablet holder
or maybe even a coat rack and there’s also four USB ports back here which can
be all used at the same time and that gives this car eight total so if you own
a ton of devices you can charge them all at the same time now the final important
figure for the ipace is price now it’s going to start right at around $70,000
before any federal tax credits that undercuts is chief competitor the Tesla
Model X by about 10 grand and if you want an even higher trim of the Tesla
it’s gonna cost you way more money speaking of way mo Jaguar has also
entered into agreement with the self-driving company way mo and they’re
going to provide up to 20,000 AI paces for their self-driving fleet and those
will start to hit the road at around 2020 you