2019 Hyundai Kona Electric: The Best EV | 2019 Edmunds Editors’ Choice

big year for electric vehicles with more brands
both old and new entering an increasingly
competitive market. EVs are now more affordable and
more capable than ever before including our Edmunds Editor’s
Choice for 2019 the Hyundai Kona Electric. MARK TAKAHASHI: Price
and range are vitally important to EV shoppers and
the Hyundai Kona Electric addresses both. Prices start under $38,000
and that’s before tax credits and incentives. Combined with a
range of 258 miles, we’re off to a very
promising start. DON EDMUNDS: And the Kona
Electric’s advantages don’t stop there. We also give it high marks
for the immediate response of its 201 horsepower
electric motor and its sure-footed handling. It’s also a practical daily
driver thanks to an agreeable ride and an appealing interior. JONATHAN ELFALAN: As we’ve
come to expect from Hyundai, there’s a long list
of standard features. These include Apple
CarPlay and Android Auto that are integrated into a
very easy to use infotainment system. Let’s not forget about their
generous warranty either. On top of everything, the
Kona Electric looks good too. It’s the most accomplished
and accessible EV you’ve tested to date. ALISTAIR WEAVER:
Head to Edmunds.com for a full review of the
Hyundai Kona electric and to find a great
deal near you. [MUSIC PLAYING]