2019 Honda Brio 1.2 RS CVT -First look, vehicle tour, mini review -Philippines

this is the 2019 Honda Brio RS it was
just launched a couple of days ago I got to check it out at Honda cars Caloocan is
it worth it’s 700 thousand peso price tag let’s find out The last generation
of the Brio was a pretty weird-looking car especially when viewed from the back
it looked like the back just ended abruptly and they covered the whole with
glass this new Honda Brio is a lot more pleasant to look at
especially in this sporty RS trim the new Brio is bigger it’s almost the
same size as the Honda Jazz and it’s more aggressive looking it is more
masculine looking than the previous generation the Brio looks like a mobilio with its
rear end chopped off the Mobilio and the BRV are actually based on the Brio
platform which was just extended to accommodate more seats what’s most
surprising about the Brio is the pricing the base variant sells for just over
500,000 and this RS trim sells for just over 700,000 I think it’s one of the
best deals that you can get on a car this RS trim has a couple of extra mods
it has side skirts it has a rear diffuser it has 15 inch alloys which i
think are a good size for the size of the car and it has a front chin the Brio is powered by a 1.2 liter
4-cylinder engine which produces 89 horsepower and 110 Newton meters of
torque that should be enough for the size of the car the vios which is a
bigger vehicle only produces nine more horsepower the engine is coupled to a
CVT transmission the interior design looks pretty good
in terms of styling everything is made of hard plastic but at this price point
that should be expected this RS variant has orange accents on the dashboard it has a 7-inch infotainment screen it has bluetooth but
it doesn’t have Android auto or apple carplay it doesn’t have a reverse camera
either the steering wheel can be tilted but it’s not telescopic it has buttons
for the stereo on the steering wheel It has 2 cup holders CVT transmission Single zone climate control in terms of safety the vehicle has two
airbags tit has ABS other than that the car is pretty basic
as expected 500 to 700 thousand that’s about as cheap as Japanese cars can go
cars don’t get much cheaper than the Brio and surprisingly it doesn’t look or
feel as cheap as the price tag might suggest this is a car that I actually
won’t be embarrassed to drive