2019 GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate Demo

we’re here in Detroit Michigan where
we’ve just seen the 2019 Sierra 1500 for the first time and one of the coolest
pieces of technology on this vehicle is actually the tailgate and we’ve pulled
over an expert from GM to give us the full download on this new piece called
the multi Pro Roger thank you for spending time with us thank you both
give me your full name and your title sure my name is Roger Olie I’m a GMC
engineer on the all-new multi Pro tell gate this is an industry-first design
I’m really happy to share it with you today so so walk us through exactly what
this could do with what are we looking at sure this is the most versatile
tailgate in the industry it has six unique functions to adapt to customer
needs like never before the best part about this tailgate is that it operates
initially the same way that a current GMC Sierra tailgate operates so the
biggest thing that you notice first off is that we integrated a new touch pad
into the design and that whole thing drops down like that’s right and it’s a
dampened opening so it has the easy open easy closed features but the other
button oh so now we have a flat work floor that’s right so how wide is this
this is over 48 inches wide looking door you get four long boards absolutely yep
whether it’s wood or or even just about anything that’s gonna stick out your
absolutely so so what else can we do from here so from this position you also
have a load stop you can pull this up and keep those long items secure yeah or
you can put it back down and one of my favorite features is now you have this easy reach right
yeah exactly so I can move all the way in yeah what are we looking at over here
too so this is the assist handle what what that handle is good for is when you
deploy this step you can easily walk up into the back of the box and and get
your cargo from up front and then when you’re coming out this assist handle
pulls up unless you confidently walk back out of your truck fantastic so but
that’s not if you I think you’ve only given me four writers and so there’s six
different functions in total so we have the stuff we have the easy reach that we
mentioned the traditional and then the other one that we were leaving out is
that you can also use the load stop in this position for your longest of cargo
so for the five and a half foot bed or even the six and a half foot bed you can
still have that extended tailgate depth whether you have a motorcycle right ATV
or snowmobile you can still put it in there and have that safety behind it yep
that’s right the possibilities are really limitless fantastic yeah and one
of my favorite parts about this is you know not only is it innovative and new
but it’s extremely durable it’s the most test most tested tailgate in our history
and this is going to be available across the lineup or only uh nollie and SLT or
how’s that going to work this will come as standard content for SLT and Denali
thank you for your time appreciate it thank you Mark if you’re looking for
more details about the 2019 Sierra 1500 go to pickup trucks com you