2019 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali: First Look

We’re here in Detroit Michigan where GM
has just introduced us to the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 now we’ve already seen the
Chevy sibling the Silverado 1500 at the Detroit Auto Show and a lot of the
underpinnings as you might expect are going to be all the same the same frame
same chassis and same set of power trains it’s going to be two v8 engines
the five three and the six two and also a new 3 litre straight-six diesel but
there’s more to this vehicle than just being a pretty face or the premium trim
package for this half-ton pickup truck from a design point of view GMC is
really trying harder to separate itself from Chevrolet you still have the unique
signature C shape headlights you also have the air diffusers that actually
come take wind from the front end of the vehicle send it through the wheel wells
to reduce a lot of that force that hits this big flat face this new GMC grille
is a much flatter face pushing those wheels out to the corner and also a very
unique way of setting up the tow hook here it’s vertically mounted instead of
like every other tow hook we’ve ever seen which is horizontally mounted here
at the wheels there’s a very defining characteristic here in the wheel well so
it’s got a wheel arch with a very trapezoidal almost cut here at the front
of the wheel well also we’ve got a new engine label here on the side
Chevy doesn’t get that either and also as far as unique pieces on this vehicle
this is a unique completely unique door they’ve never had this before between
the Chevy and the GMC siblings but this GMC cut line wraps around here and then
extends all the way to the bed here in the bed a lot of things going on not the
least of which this very cool multi Pro tailgate so not only do you have a
high-definition camera and light here at the back end but you also have push
button tailgate drop but also a new tailgate step the drop drops and
makes it real easy for you to get up inside inside much wider more volume for
cargo also 21 different tie-down places and lights and even a standard 110-volt
three-pronged plug in inside definitely an upgrade here for the Denali package
although we have to admit we were hoping for a little bit more we like the fact
they’ve kept the dual glove boxes they’ve simplified the set of toggles
here along the center stack and also they’ve improved the from our opinion
the trailer brake controller location they’ve made it a nice easy one touch
grab here right at your right hand and also they’ve provided a new four-wheel
drive system that’s more push-button and dials than the previous generation here
in back it’s obvious that they’ve extended the cab length to give you more
leg room but we like the fact that it’s now a very flat load floor they’ve also
provided for some very nice cubbies underneath the rear seats and also some
hidden storage in the seat backs but they still don’t have a full size
moonroof like the other competitors for now we still don’t have all the
information and specs on the powertrains we expect to have a separate powertrain
event we’ll get a chance to drive all the different engine configurations
later in the year pricing for this vehicle isn’t going to come out until it
actually gets closer to going on sale which will be later this fall of 2018
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