2019 Genesis G70: First Drive — Cars.com

can Hyundai’s new luxury division
Genesis repeat its magic from the g80 and g90 sedans in a smaller less
expensive package with the all-new g70 well after three days behind the wheel
the answer is yes the g70 holds up on the driving front
but like with the G 80 and g90 the real magic comes beyond that so let’s start
with those driving aspects the g 7e comes with a four cylinder or a v6
engine both turbocharged there’s automatic transmissions across the board
but with the four-cylinder you can get an optional six-speed manual the
rear-wheel drive there’s all-wheel drive we drove a whole bunch of those
combinations in the hills of southern Maine as well as at Club Motorsports
that’s a racetrack two and a half miles 15 turns 250 feet of elevation change in
central New Hampshire we also drove several versions of the G 70 at an
autocross course next to the racetrack so lots of experience in the car and I
gotta say it’s not the most fun craft car in the class but certainly holds its
own a little bit lazier steering turning a little more body roll and maybe some
competitors like the Jaguar XE the Alfa Romeo Giulia but certainly still within
the realm of fun to drive fairly neutral chassis dynamics to get into corner big
sweeping corners a little bit of understeer coming in but then it kind of
maneuvers you can sneak the tail around a little bit if you want it’s fairly
predictable very good brakes there’s optional Brembo brakes on the g7 T’s
that we drove at the track I took them through ten laps still held up even on
the tenth lap not too much brake fade and the cars very very composed bonhomie
on the straightaways at a hundred miles an hour doesn’t feel skittish doesn’t
feel like the tail is gonna I want to move around on you even coming and
braking in a straight all very very good stuff shows a lot of
care went into chassis engineering for this vehicle now you get on public roads
there’s three suspension setups there’s a two fixed suspensions fixed rate shock
absorbers there’s adaptive shock absorbers that are optional the base
suspension is comfort to you sort of and then there’s a sport-tuned version now
we’ve driven two of those three kind of the base two versions not the adaptive
setup yet and the g70 is firms certainly but comfortably so lights again barely
control doesn’t really beat you up as a feel to chopping even over broken
pavement now about those drive trains the 2-liter turbo 4-cylinder has decent
power good building kind of sensation as you get past 3,000 rpm all the way up to
redline really I don’t see why anyone would need
the bigger engine but something you’re gonna want it and it’s got just
explosive power regardless of rpm Genesis says it hits 60 miles an hour in
just four and a half seconds that’s competitive with cars like the Audi s4
that the MW 340i the Mercedes seen 43 the AMG version and just lots and lots
of power we were going uphill with two adults aboard and gearing back at like
17 1800 rpm now the v6 comes with an 8-speed automatic standard that’s
available on the forest loan and you can also get a manual the automatic is a
really really good transmission I don’t say that about a lot of 8-speed
automatic setup shifts very seamlessly smoothly often don’t even know that it’s
up shifting but then when you need more power
dig into the gas just a little bit it kicks down one two years really really
quick doesn’t delay a very very nice decisive transmission probably better of
a choice than the manual now I like the fact that they’re offering a manual
transmission on the G semi that’s nice to have in a sports sedan because a lot
of sport sedans are just doing away with manuals all together but the six-speed
manual is just not the most well executed transmission
kind of loose clunky shifter here big long gates just doesn’t feel all that
engaging it is nice though that throttle response is very good that’s really
important for a rev-matching if you want to drive a manual properly but like I
said before the g7 is real appeal comes beyond the driving aspects they have
interior quality pretty competitive for the segment I got to say a nice
detailing on things like the center console where sections that face the
driver have this sort of low glass wrapping on them a very good level of
attention to detail a lot like you see from Audi along the center portion of
the – there is a vinyl wrapping of stitching that standard that’s not
optional you don’t have to pay extra to get some kind of interior upgrades
package to get it that’s nice to see also standard lots and lots of
practicality here there’s an 8 inch touchscreen you know you know stuff you
have to do here with a knob or a touchpad – you can just reach up and do
your thing it has standard apple carplay Android auto HD radio there’s physical
volume and tuning knobs on the shortcut-keys here big knobs here for
your climate controls very very easy to use lots of storage space – there’s this
generous cubby here ahead of the gear shift underneath to be the center
armrest you and automatic transmission cars there’s enough space even for a 16
ounce water bottle overhead you’ve got a sunglass holder I mean any non luxury
car owner is gonna think well what’s the big deal you get into a lot of luxury
cars and they just drop the ball on stuff like this in the name of luxury
for some reason I really like that the G 70 didn’t overthink it now in terms of
backseat space a little bit on the tight side there if you’re looking for that
cars like the Audi a4 have a lot more of it than the g7 II do
and I’m 6 feet tall I do wish there was a little bit more width here to kind of
split out my knees but lots and lots of adjustment range for the driver’s seat
where I stick to Drive I’m about 4 inches ahead of all the way back now
when the g70 goes on sale at the end of the current season that’s summer of 2018
it’ll start around $35,000 a pretty decent value when you consider that that
big multimedia system and a full suite of safety features are all standard
it’ll top out around $50,000 we’re told again a decent value when you consider
that many of the G seventies German competitors go well north of that mark
once you add the bells and whistles now I know what a lot of you are thinking
Genesis and untested luxury brand maybe you’d rather stick with Lexus or
Mercedes Benz or BMW especially since a lot of these G 70s at least initially
are basically going to be sold out of the back of unday dealerships with maybe
some differentiations showroom type stuff going on but can’t hide the fact
that it’s still at a big Hyundai store I got to say though you got to get over
that because the g 70 is a very well rounded entry in a very competitive
class definitely worth adding to your list you