2019 Ford Ranger: First Drive — Pickuptrucks.com

Some might say that Ford’s been dragged
kicking and screaming back into the midsize pickup truck segment with their
all-new 2019 Ford Ranger. All we can say after driving it on road and off road
and doing some towing is we’re glad that it’s here. Inside the new Ranger is very
well thought out. We’re here in the XLT model so we have some hard surfaces here
on the dash in the center console but here at the elbows both on the door and
at the center console, soft touch for the elbows that’s very nice. We like the fact
that it has the emergency brake right here at the right hand, wonderful
integration with the ten speed transmission with this brand new engine.
But the terrain management system, a new four-wheel drive system for Ford,
very, very impressive. In the back of super cab models there’s plenty of under
seat storage and the rear seats fold flat down but even here in the super
crew also does the same thing. Plenty of storage underneath the rear seat, the
seat backs also flip down and inside. Two USB charging ports and a three-prong 110
volt charging plug. Here at the front of the Ranger, we’ve got an aluminum hood
for weight savings. We also have an oversized air filter to allow as much
air into this 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine with a twin scroll fairly large
turbocharger to produce 270 horsepower and 310 foot-pounds of torque. Back here
Ford’s kept it pretty simple. Six tie-downs for both the five foot bed for
the Super Crew and the six foot bed for the super cab. On-road performance here
is very impressive. I know I keep saying that but very tight steering, wonderful
throttle response. This is not an underpowered four-cylinder engine. The
handling on this vehicle too is very impressive. Handles corners very well,
feels very balanced, the rear axle does not jump up and down, it’s just got one
leaf spring they call it a parabolic leaf spring very similar to the Transit
technology that they use, deals with a lot of weight also
makes the ride very comfortable no matter what the conditions. As to how
well the Ranger does off road, it’s a very impressive system, in fact, the word that
keeps coming up is well-integrated. The four-wheel drive system, namely the
terrain management system, the three different settings grass, gravel and snow
also mud and ruts as well as sand, you can use in high or low range. That’s an
amazing separator in the segment. But you can also get with the FX4 package, you
get the monotube shocks but you also get a rear locking differential for any kind
of super extreme traction needs you might have. The whole system works
incredibly well and then the trail control you can’t forget that, it’s
basically a set it and forget it option that allows you to just focus on
steering through the most extreme obstacles. That’s a very, very cool
feature something that nothing in the segment has. Normally you don’t think of
a four-cylinder pickup truck doing any kind of towing but that’s exactly what
we got from this new Ranger in this 2.3 liter I-4 engine. It pulled a 5,000 pound
boat trailer without any problems up and down the hills along the coast. Not only
surprising but impressive. It’s going to be offered in three trim packages the XL
XLT and Lariat with several different appearance packages available. Pricing
for the 4×2 Super Cab starts around $26,000 and a 4×4
SuperCrew around $40,000. For more information go to PickupTrucks.com.