2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Test Drive and Review

best Mustang ever built. It’s the 2019 Ford Shelby GT350. No other Mustang has
combined on-road comfort with on-track
performance in such a friendly and usable package,
and it sounds great, too. But before we go into
what makes the 2019 version that much better, don’t
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Edmunds for all your car shopping needs. So for 2019, Ford has
made very few changes to the outside of the GT350. Let’s have a look
around the front. And it would take
a pretty sharp eye to notice that they have
modified the radiator blocking in the front of the car. More on that later. If you walk around to
the side of the car, you will notice that they have
a new design for the wheels. But even more importantly,
it’s the tires that they put on the wheels. These are Michelin
Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. The FP on the tire, that
stands for Ford Performance. We’re big fans of
these tires, but Ford has worked with Michelin to
develop a tire and a compound and a construction
just for the GT350. It’s all about
helping the balance and making the
car more friendly. So perhaps the most obvious
change to the 2019 model is this, well, what
Ford calls a swing. And it’s kind of a mix
between a spoiler and a wing. This wing was
developed when they were developing the arrow
for the GT500, which we’re going to see pretty soon. And it literally is the
same part on both cars. This has the optional
flap, which you can buy, and it just screws in with
four screws on the back. And that adds even
more downforce and more traction at higher speed. Remember what I said about
the front radiator blocking? Ford re-profiling all
that to work in better conjunction with this swing. When it comes to the
interior, there haven’t really been any changes. You still get the
great Recaro seats. These are not leather. They’re cloth. They’re very gripping. Very aggressive
bolsters, as well– so if you don’t like
climbing into your seat, you might not like
this car that much. You get a suede and
leather-wrapped flat bottom wheel. You get a shift
lever which kind of looks like it belongs in
the EcoBoost, if you ask me. I think the shift knob on
the bullet and the regular GT are way cooler. But there are a lot of
other cool bits and pieces to this car that you can’t
see, because, well, they’re under the car. We should go inside
and check those out. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s cool that Ford brought
some of their parts and bits in, because you can’t always
see them when they’re actually in use on the car. You’ve got this really
interesting composite oil pan, very lightweight. You’ve got the whole clutch
and flywheel assembly and shifter, that amazing
flat plane crank, which really makes the car sound perfect. You’ve also got really beefy
aluminum suspension pieces. And it’s quite light. This one as well– this is a very big piece of
aluminum, as you can see. But it’s also quite light. Why would you spend
all that time and money to make the parts as
light as possible? Well, it’s so that when you
want to add weight back in, you’ve got the space, like these
394-millimeter brake rotors. These are gigantic. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ford invited us to drive
a bunch of their GT350s at the M1 concourse
in Pontiac, Michigan. It’s short. It’s fast. Let’s go see what it’s like. [ENGINE REVVING] Listen to that sound, 5.2
liters, 526 horsepower. Oh, not much better than that. I love that sound, man. So all those new tweaks that
Ford’s worked on the GT350, how do they work on a track? Well, the front spring
rates are up about 10%. The rear spring rates, they
dropped those by about 5. And the rear sway bars,
it’s a little higher. Thankfully, what they did not
change has anything to do with this 5.2-liter flat
plane crank engine. Oh, good brakes, good brakes. [? Tack ?] it out,
staying on the gas. I expected the car to be
good, because the last one was really good. But this one just feels
a little bit friendlier. The front is a
little more eager. It’s not too fast. The rear takes a
nice set mid-corner. And you can just
feed the power in. There’s something else
that Ford worked on, and that is ESC traction control
calibration and all that. It allows you to put
the power on really. Always traction in
this car– it’s great. Good high speed grip, too. Man, these Michelins
are good, man. They are good. Special mention should go
to this six-speed manual. This is a Tremec, and it’s
unique to the GT350, the case, the brand, the
ratios, everything. It is a great gearbox. This is a good car, a fantastic
Ford, best Mustang ever. One more lap just for fun. Great all around
performance, great balance. I wouldn’t have an
issue doing a track day and then driving the car home. So has Ford made the
2019 GT350 better? Yeah, they have, incrementally. All the little changes,
especially the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, really
make this car balanced, easy, and fun to drive. But it’s not the only
car in the market. There are other cars,
like the Camaro ZL1 1LE. That’s more of a
bruiser, more powerful. But that’s also kind
of the same thing. You can get the
Porsche Cayman S. It’s lighter weight, more
of a pure sports car, but it won’t sound
like this thing. There’s also the
BMW M2 Competition. It’s like a little
German muscle car. And I think that’s the closest
price-wise and performance-wise to the GT350. Which one would I pick? I have that. one. Don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and make sure to visit Edmunds for
all your car shopping needs. [MUSIC PLAYING]