2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS: First Impressions – Cars.com

Back in the United States for the first
time since 2005 is the all-new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer now the old Blazer was
a kind of smallish rugged SUV but now it’s a full-on four-door mid-sized
family hauler under the hood of the Blazer a couple of different engine
options there’s a 2.5 liter four-cylinder but the more exciting
option is a 305 horsepower 3.6 liter v6 that’s standard on RS and premier models
now we’re here with the RS this is the sportier version of the Blazer and it’s
also notable for one big reason and that is it comes with a more advanced
all-wheel drive system so all-wheel drive is only available with the v6 and
on the RS and premiere it’s a twin clutch all-wheel-drive system so if you
want the best all-wheel drive you can get with the Blazer you’re gonna have to
pay for it behind the back seat of the Blazer 30.5 cubic feet of cargo room and
that’s a little bit less than some competitors like the Nissan Murano and
the Ford Edge but in this case the numbers don’t tell the full story
because how the Blazer uses this cargo area really makes it stand out and that
starts with this rail system now a rail system is usually something you’ll find
in the bed of a pickup truck it allows you to kind of compartmentalize a cargo
room add an accessories having one in the back of an SUV is a really smart
idea it allows you some more flexibility in the cargo area that you don’t get
another SUVs now the Blazers interior kind of lives up to a sporty exterior
especially in rs versions we got two tone stitching or at accents that really
give it kind of a sporty feel though probably not really a sporty drive now
multimedia system it’s a touchscreen mounted high up here on the dash and we
generally like this interface it’s pretty simple it’s pretty easy to use
kind of like something that you find in a Hyundai or Kia two systems that we’ve
really liked in the past now there is one thing about this system that we
don’t like and that is it’s kind of placed a little bit weird the lip here
that kind of houses the volume control and a few other buttons kind of cuts
into the bottom of the screen and that’s exactly where Chevy has placed a few
shortcut buttons so those shortcut buttons will be kind of hard to use
unless you kind of kink your arm and get it in there in that weird kind of angle
now second row like most other vehicles in this segment the second row pretty
spacious if you have a midsize SUV in your don’t try to cram three rows into
it that means you get a lot of passenger space for up to five people now
the second rule can actually slide forward and back a few inches to open up
more cargo area if needed and there’s two USB ports and a household outlet in
the back for good charging options what’s interesting about the blazer is
you can actually get up to six USB ports and it only carries it to five people so
someone has two phones they’re covered to the new blazer has a lot of things
going for it I like the styling I like the technology inside and I like the
flexibility in the cargo area however there’s one thing holding it back and
that’s kind of true about other GM vehicles as well and that’s if you want
automatic forward emergency braking adaptive cruise control or lane keep
assist you’re gonna have to get an RS or a premier those features aren’t even
offered on lower trim levels and those things are now standard on a lot of
other vehicles not only in this class but in more affordable classes as well
so Chevrolet it really needs to step up in this regard for us to take them more
seriously on safety now the Blazer starts at twenty nine nine ninety five
including destination and is on sale now