2019 BMW Z4 Roadster | First Drive Review | Autocar India

here it is everyone the brand-new BMW z4
roadster looks nice in red doesn’t it and it’s been a long time coming the
previous car was launched a full 10 years ago and this new one well it’s a
healthy mix of familiar and brand-new but before we go any further do drop us
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click that Bell icon to turn on your notifications the proportions are
classic BMW z roadster – low, wide and curvaceous with a long bonnet stretching
miles ahead but then that’s when you start noticing the changes the kidney
grille is now wide enough to hark back to the old z8 and you’ll notice the
vertical slats have given way to a honeycomb like mesh the roof is back to
being fabric rather than metal and just as well because that makes it lighter
and easier to package the slim tail lamps make the rear look wider and more
three-dimensional and though some of the vents are just for sure there’s no
denying that they inject the z4 with the requisite sportiness befitting a
roadster the biggest change though are the headlamps when is the last time you
saw a BMW without the force signature Corona ring daytime running lamps it’s
new but frankly I think it suits the z4 rather well so it certainly got the show
but what about the go well I for one couldn’t wait to find out
however yep my drive started in less than ideal conditions the blazing hot
midday Sun and some of Navi Mumbai its finest traffic the urban grind
now that’s an environment you probably don’t want to have a convertible in and
there’s a couple of good reasons for that let me show you at speeds below 50
you can drop it off and now you are exposed to the elements
in more ways than one I’m sorry if I have to shout a little
bit louder but it’s just so much going on outside of course it’s hot this is
Mumbai and you better enjoy a lot of attention because you’re going to get it
I don’t know if you really want to be with the top down in a traffic East
situation like this I’d be a little bit nervous to leave my stuff lying around
when you’re stuck in a traffic jam and the top is open someone could just I
don’t want to say that anybody would do that but never know don’t drive it in
some of the shady uh parts of town okay and it only got hotter and then the
traffic started building up again so I threw in the towel brought back the roof
and left the urban grind for some place a little bit more pleasant now one way
to enjoy it would be driving around town at night but what I much prefer is
something like this now this is more like it
drive this car with the top down around close to sundown on a really really nice
windy road and you really enjoy it things that strike you immediately but
you know people complain about the artificial noise that comes through the
speaker’s well not right now right now I have got the real thing haha the full rumble and fart like I
like to call it that’s what a real sweet chick sounds like not what we get from
the speaker’s inside real sounds and its glorious the engine in this m4 TI is of course a
familiar one it’s a three liter turbocharged straight-6 and here it
makes 340 horsepower and 500 Newton made of the top as it got enough power oh
yeah it’s got plenty of power in fact right now in sport class Lord it is just
racing for the redline but the thing about this guy is that you don’t really
feel like driving it in Sport Plus mode because really that’s way too aggressive
it holds on the gears really long and it strains a bit and the gear shifts are
really really hard which will be fine in an all-out em car but this is not that
it’s a roadster it’s more of a grand tourer and so for that I prefer to put
it down into sport mode not Sport Plus Sport I think that is a little bit more
relaxed but still rather brisk comfort wise well it is a bit more comfortable
and absorbent than a full-on em car but it still got a little bit of underlying
firmness to it it still wobbles around a little bit of a rough patch of Road and
that’s true even if you have the suspension in comfort board yes this car
does have adaptive suspension as part of its drive mode while it is very quite good at attacking
corners you don’t necessarily want to what you prefer to do in a car like this
is true for one there’s the seating position there’s so much porn it in
front of me right now and I’m sad really far behind so just a very way it turns
in the corners is quite different so while turning is very sharp
like most BMWs you just have to be a little bit more cautious about how you
tucked his nose in because it’s a long nose go plan a little bit ahead quite
literally so what I mean here let me tell you a little bit about this car’s
interior it’s a bit of a mixed bag for me bits about it I like it little bits
about it I don’t let’s say I like the Z Faunus of it if that makes any sense
which is to say I like the aggressive bit like a sporty it is I like the way
the dashboard sort of bends and curves on the passenger side I like the really
thick steering wheels I like the big paddles I like the sporty
aluminium effect treatment on the centre console I like the really aggressive
looking Harman Kardon speakers what I don’t like so much is BMWs new general
interior design language that you’ll soon see on all its new cars it’s clean
yes but it also looks a little bit too basic and lacks that wow factor that you
expect from a BMW and while quality is exceptional as ever there are some
oddities like the mode select buttons that just don’t work as crisply as
expected but one thing that seemed to have drawn the most aya is this set of
digital dials that’s now finding its way into new BMWs and I gotta say I do kind
of agree they look very cool with their trapezoidal shape for the tachometer
spins counterclockwise and in sport mode the needle disappears altogether
it just seems unnecessary come on BMW it’s a digital screen surely you can
give us a classic dial option from paper what this is is
front-engine three litre straight-six turbocharged BMW with rear-wheel drive
that costs close to 80 lakh rupees now I also drove another front engine three
litre straight-six turbocharger wheel drive BMW that also costs close to 80
lakh rupees recently the BMW m2 competition and though they might sound
similar on paper trust me they couldn’t be more different
I loved how aggressive the m2 competition was how it made you work
hard for the speed and really bring the car out to get the most of what bought
you and the car could achieve this is not that kind of car this is a car for
relaxing for enjoying the creamy smoothness of engine rather than its
redline and let’s be fair this is the car for showing off just a little bit
it certainly turns heads and with the top down especially it will drop jaws
just as well as cars three times its price but even if you don’t care about
stuff like that there’s nothing quite like driving a roadster with the wind in
your head in fact if that’s all you want you can save around 15 lakhs and have a
4 cylinder engine with 197 horsepower but now if you enjoy driving it’s got to
be the 6 cylinder m40 eye suddenly everything is ok I thought at this time
that it would be stupid to drive a convertible in India but it just depends
on the conditions doesn’t it you don’t drive it in traffic like I tried to
earlier you come out to a place like this at a time like this and then it’s
just supply you