2019 BMW X7: Interior First Impressions — Cars.com

we’re here at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto
Show with the latest from BMW the brand new 2019 BMW x7 we’ve known the specs
for some time in the pricing on the x7 but we haven’t had a chance to do is
climb inside we did here and let me tell you it did live up to the height x7 is
an appropriate name for that SUV because the interior lives up in many ways to
what you find in something like a 7 Series for a three year old SUV it is
ultra luxurious the materials are great and they’re consistent all the way from
the front row to the third row now speaking of the third row I found that
it actually has room in the back for adults the impressiveness of the x7 s
interior extends all the way back to the third row now as I mentioned before
materials are great no drop-off from the front to the back this suede on the
pillars in the headliner it actually comes all the way down even back to the
D pillar and the top of this is stitched leather so no skimming materials here
kudos to BMW for that other things that we really like what the third row access
the second row seats are both fully powered so all you do is you pull on
this little handle here and the C will actually fall forward and then slide up
to allow you easy entry to the third row once you do get back here it’s great
there’s a ton of headroom enough legroom for adults and you can sit back here for
a few hours and still be comfortable you also get your own set of climate
controls your own USB ports cupholders the panoramic sunroof covers the first
two rows and three row passengers they’re not left out now you get your
own back here which that’s a lot more light in it makes it feel even more
spacious one final area of the BMW x7 interior that’s worth highlighting is
the cargo area now because the row of some three row SUVs not much cargo room
but here enough space to carry a couple of carry-on bags and a lot of vertical
space to handle e it also comes with two different cargo covers so one for when
the third row is up and one for when is down and there’s actually a place
underneath the floor to store them and under the floor is also a pretty large
storage bin that could fit a backpack or even a few small purses and that secure
storage is really helpful for people who want to keep valuables away from prying
eyes one final feature of the cargo area that we really like is this panel of
OneTouch buttons now these buttons allow you to do things like open up the
interior for maximum cargo room or for maximum passengers with a touch of just
one button and this is kind of indicative of the level of attention of
detail that BMW has paid this interior there are redundant controls even on the
back door some of the seats around secure you’re
never like reaching across the car to move seats around to get people or
luggage to fit and that’s really what you want a luxury SUV it should be
effortless to use and this is BMW is accepting pre-orders for the x7 now but
it won’t arrive at dealerships until March of 2019 you