2019 Audi A7: First Impressions in Detroit

the Audi A7 is an editorial favorite at
cars comm among luxury vehicles and here we are with the highly anticipated
second generation like a lot of other Audi redesigns the A7 looks kind of
fundamentally similar to its predecessor but the devil is really in the details
so check out some of those details out of the grille here it’s still a six
sided grille like before but a little bit visually lower than before check out
where it fans out here this kind of point a little bit lower than where it
used to be still similar headlights a very LED heavy they’re very technical
appearance you come around to the side the a7 remains a hatchback technically
that glass kind of lifts with the trunk and overall dimensions haven’t changed
that much except for length which is a little bit longer Audi says the benefit
rear headroom and legroom you come around the back and this is probably
where the new a7 looks most noticeably distinctive from its predecessor with
these taillights they sweep across the entire width of the car with this
lighting element that comes all the way below outies logo right here I gotta say
overall pretty cool looking no inside there’s going to be no question that
you’re in the redesigned a7 which has a very different interior than the one it
left behind lots of screens going on here there’s a twelve point three inch
virtual cockpit display here in the car at the Auto Show Audi says that’s its
latest version of virtual cockpit a little better graphics than before
there’s a 10.1 inch upper multimedia screen here and an eight point six inch
lower screen we’ve seen this already in the new a eight lots of capacitive touch
buttons going on which we’re not really thrilled about but out he says there’s a
lot of haptic feedback which I can tell right here as you press down the screen
has some kind of feedback it responds you it kind of clicks back so that helps
a little bit and there is a volume knob at least though we don’t see a tuning
knob here and Audi’s multimedia interface it’s MMI system here no more
now it’s just the touchscreens we’ll have to experience a lot more of this
when we actually drive the car now when the a7 hits us dealerships
it’ll come with just one drivetrain a three liter turbocharged six-cylinder
engine good for 340 horsepower 369 speed of torque it goes with standard
all-wheel drive through a 7-speed automatic transmission but the other
news is some light hybridization on this car there’s actually going to be an auto
stop feature that starts working as you’re coasting down from as high as
about 14 miles an hour the good news if you’re annoyed by those
features is that there’s actually a forward-facing camera that detects when
the car ahead of you starts moving again it kicks up the engine perhaps a little
bit earlier so you don’t have to wait as long we’re excited to get behind the
wheel so stay tuned for our driving impressions pricing gas mileage plenty
more closer to the a sevens on sale date in the fall of 2018 you