2019 Audi A6: First Look — Cars.com

Audi has been on a roll lately
redesigning lots of its bigger cars we’re here with the latest one this is
the all-new A6 now Audi’s been a brand that seldom does really kind of
zany and wild redesigns a lot of its cars look similar to the previous
generations and that remains the case with the A6 here overall thematically
similar to the prior generation we’ve got a very big grill here it stretches
from the bottom of the car all the way up to the hood you’ve got sort of
technical looking headlights here there are new LEDs these are LED pipes and
they kind of come concentric Li toward the top of the headlight an interesting
visual cue there we’re out of the Sun overall dimensions on the A6 not really
that much different from the prior generation of the car the taillights do
have some more going on though there’s also these sort of concentric LED pipes
they’re vertical here instead of horizontal like the headlights have and
they kind of extend toward the center but he likes themselves don’t actually
cross the center part of the car if you look at the A7 and the A8 by contrast
both of those have lights that extend all the way across now with their
respective redesigns not the case for the new A6. Now if you’ve seen the inside
of the new A7 or the A8 you’ll notice plenty of similarities here with the new
A6 a little bit more of a stacked dashboard with things like this
outcropping here versus a more of a flush surface in the A8 for kind of more
of an open atmosphere inside the car still two screens here this is probably
the biggest single change versus the prior generation of the A6 an eight
point eight inch lower display a standard eight point eight inch upper
display or an optional ten point three inch upper display which we’re looking
at that latter screen right here in this car at the Auto Show lots of stuff going
on here you can even go look at 360-degree cameras and show kind of an
exterior view of the vehicle you can sort of spin around kind of an
interesting thing there and there’s haptic feedback out he says along with
tiling so you can move things around on the screens swiping them back and forth
to show shortcuts where you want them you can even bring some of those
shortcuts down here to the lower screen and everything has kind of a bit of
feedback and clicking noise which you can take away if you don’t like to sort
of give you some impression of what exact
you’re pressing on that said if you really do want just old-school physical
controls you’re not going to be able to find them in the new a6 because
everything is up here on the screens we do wish that there were actually
physical controls for things like some of the climate stuff but all of that
again in the screens speaking of screens there’s one more up here this is a
twelve point three inch virtual cockpit outtie says this is its latest
generation second generation of its virtual cockpit displays it’s got better
graphics and faster processing than before that is optional in the a6 now
not a lot of storage space along the center console really know where to kind
of put sunglasses or whatever else have you besides those cupholders but if you
need space there’s a cubby here on the left side of the steering wheel and this
is literally how deep it is it’ll fit all of that I think like Narnia is on
the other side of that whole the a6 will come with four cylinder or v6 engines
both of them turbocharged and front wheel drive or Quattro all-wheel drive
all that starts this fall when the redesign goes on sale so stay tuned for
more you