2018 Volkswagen Passat Review — Cars.com

Americans like things that are big and
affordable hello Walmart and with the VW Passat Volkswagen appears to have hit on
that winning formula though you have to give up a few things in return let’s
take a look at some of the Passats hits and misses I’m mixed about this cabin I like the
clean control layout and the clean dashboard design and I think this
two-tone look adds a lot of interest same goes for this chrome strip what I
don’t like is this fake looking wood material it looks really cheap and then
some areas in the cabin could also use some more padding I am a fan of this
multimedia system although the screen looks a little bit small in this big
dashboard space it’s really easy to use an apple carplay and android auto are
standard on all but the base model base model uses a 5-inch screen an apple
carplay and android auto are unavailable the base engine is new this year and the
turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder is really great around town the six-speed
automatic transmission quickly snaps off shifts for really peppy responsiveness
off the line where the powertrain loses a little Lester however is on the
highway the transmission seems sluggish on the highway holding gears a bit too
long passing and merging maneuvers aren’t its strong suit and require a
stomp of the gas pedal and some patience the engine also sounds gruff both at
idle and on the highway it’s not loud but has a rough unrefined note a 3.6
liter v6 is also available but I only tested the four-cylinder overall its
road manners are predictable for a mid to large-sized sedan its suspension is
on the firm side but I like it and bumps are adequately damped in terms of
handling it feels composed and a smidge more athletic than other vehicles this
size in back there’s plenty of headroom and
legroom for two adults on these lightly bolstered really comfy outboard seats
the middle positions not really an option however because it’s really
narrow and legroom is a big problem because of this big floor hump there is
plenty of room for two car seats back here even the rear-facing car seats that
take up a lot of legroom also the installation was very easy thanks to
these exposed latch anchors there’s two sets in the outboard seats three car
seats won’t fit back here however because as I mentioned this middle spot
is very narrow the backseat goes down in a 60/40 split for more storage space and
there’s also a handy pass-through for carrying longer items the Passat straddles the midsize sedan
class and the large sedan class and compared with other large sedans like
the Toyota Avalon and Chevrolet Impala the trunk offers a smidge less space but
compared with other midsize sedan it matches them or offers a little bit more
space I found the trunk really roomy it’s got a wide opening and is very deep
I took it on a grocery run and was able to fit a full load of groceries for my
family of five one problem however are these trunk hinges they crush bags when
they go down into the trunk the 2018 Volkswagen Passat starts at around
$24,000 much less than some large sedan competitors like the Toyota Avalon which
only has a v6 and the Chevrolet Impala it’s also less than some midsize sedan
competitors like the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry this uplevel SEL
premium trim is around thirty two thousand five hundred dollars after
extras like leather seats and surfaces heated front and rear seats and a suite
of safety features the Passat doesn’t exactly deliver excitement or refinement
but it’s roomy relatively comfortable to drive and a bargain you