2018 Subaru Outback Review – Cars.com

Subaru’s most popular vehicle got an
update for 2018 but it’s hard to tell from looking at it
subtle exterior styling changes like more angular headlights and a larger
grille combine to keep the Outbacks overall look clean and small changes
inside also make it more likable and comfortable this year first the cabin
got a makeover that gives it an overall more upscale look the Outbacks cabin has
always had a serviceable utilitarian look and feel it got the job done but
was never really anything special this year materials quality is classier and
everything just looks more upscale in terms of design and feel the comfy
leather seats look and feel upscale complemented by the low gloss wood trim
new stitching on the upper dash of top trim models also add some pizzazz Subaru
added a dose of luxury to the cabin at least in higher trim levels second
there’s an updated multimedia system that’s more modern looking and easier to
use a standard six point five inch display replaces last year’s smaller
unit and an 8 inch display as optional the graphics are crisp the menus are
straightforward and these tuning and volume knobs are very handy apple
carplay and android auto smartphone capability are also new this year and
they’re standard lastly the climate controls have been relocated directly
under the multimedia screen for a more cohesive look third it’s quieter engine
noise and road noise are more muted two engines are still available for 2018 a
2.5 liter four-cylinder is standard and a 3.6 liter 6 cylinder is optional
all-wheel drive is again standard on both what’s new is the continuously
variable automatic transmission tuning Subaru says it tweaked the CVT for a
smoother response and I agree the artificial stepped gears make it feel
overall more natural and cut down on the powertrain loud droning sound quietness
is improved in other areas too with reshaped mirrors thicker wheel well
panels and insulated glass and other areas of the cabin all of these combined
to cut down on noise the 2018 Subaru Outback is on sale now and starts at
around 27,000 dollars that’s about three hundred dollars more than the alcohol
model some things about the outback haven’t changed for 2018 like it’s
excellent forward and rear visibility robust all-wheel drive systems
impressive list of available safety features and deep wide cargo area with
handy mud corralling mat there are plenty of reasons why the Outback is
Subarus most popular vehicle and for 2018 there’s a couple more of them you