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are you the outdoorsy type or do you
just merely like making people think you’re the outdoorsy type well
regardless of how many kayaks you own or marathons you run even if you live in
the deepest wildest urban jungle the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek might just be for
you it’s a brand new cross track even though it doesn’t look all that
different from the old one it’s 95 percent new it sits on a new platform
the Subaru is planning to use on a lot of their cars and SUVs going forward and
we must say it really is an intriguing new offering now like the Crosstrek
before it the new cross track shares most of its bits and pieces with the
Subaru Impreza compact hatchback but there are a few key differences that
will help you spot a cross track in the wild the easiest one to notice is this
grey plastic cladding on the front bumper the wheel wells and on the rocker
panels it’s meant to be a little bit more rugged and in case it gets damaged
offroad by a tree or some rocks and you might not mind quite as much it also
sits higher than a Subaru Impreza about 3.6 inches higher for a total of eight
point seven inches of ground clearance which is really nothing to sneeze at
when you’re looking at a quasi off-road vehicle but you’re not going to want to
go too far off-road it still uses regular all season tires that are best
for on-road applications it doesn’t have any underbody skid plates or protection
for all of the bits underneath it doesn’t have a transfer case it doesn’t
have a creeper gear it does have something called X Drive which is a
low-speed traction control based crawl control but don’t really expect it to do
much more than get you to a trailhead or up a slippery slope of gravel if you’re
looking to do the Rubicon Trail you might want to leave that to the jeeps
inside it still doesn’t look all that different than it used you in the
previous model but it is an all-new interior we still have the same great
Subaru proportions that we’ve gotten and pretty much the rest of the lineup
there’s a very low Beltline and he’s sitting up fairly high which means the
visibility out is really excellent you’ve got unique stitching on the seats
and on the dash to separate it from the Impreza and you’ve got a lot of really
great content and space up front but the biggest difference comes back here look
at all the space you get back here there’s tons of legroom more than you
get in competitors like a Mazda cx-3 or a Jeep renegade for the same amount of
or more on that value proposition in a minute but it almost feels like a bigger
category of vehicle than a lot of these compact and subcompact SUVs because it
is Subarus priced it differently so while you’re still paying as much as you
are for some of those competitor vehicles you get a lot more usable space
for 2018 it also gets some updated electronics including standard apple
carplay or Android auto when you slip behind the wheel the cross trick becomes
something of a mixed bag the steering ratio is very quick almost
as quick as the Subaru BRZ sports car now that means that the steering feel
and response is really very good it’s fun to toss through corners it’s very
responsive it actually handles quite well
the suspension soaks up bumps very well it’s also got that bit more ride height
so it actually is great in urban settings where you’re gonna be driving
through the broken rutted pit in streets of America where the cross creek
stumbles a little bit is in the powertrain it’s powered by a 2 liter 152
horsepower flat-4 engine and that’s not a whole lot of power when you combine it
with all-wheel drive you can made it up to either a 6-speed manual or a
continuously variable automatic transmission and in a rare case for me a
guy who really likes manuals the automatic is the one to have for this
car it really does match up well with what little power is available from the
4-cylinder so while it’s going to be revving its little heart out it will get
you where you want to go but then speed is really not the mission of the cross
drive it’s really more about fuel efficiency at least the Crosstrek like
most Subarus comes that that standard all-wheel drive so inclement weather
doesn’t really bother it that much and neither do rising gas prices the cross
track is rated at 27:30 329 miles per gallon for the automatic in 23:29 25
miles per gallon for the stick shift version now that’s 33 miles per gallon
on the highway for that automatic makes the cross-check the most fuel-efficient
vehicle in its class beating out several competitors that are front-wheel drive
only so you’re not going to be winning any stoplight drag races in the cross
track but quite frankly who cares this is not about speed it’s about utility
and versatility safety fuel efficiency and value as well at twenty two thousand
seven hundred ten dollars starting price including destination
thinks it’s smack in the middle of where a lot of much smaller competitors like
the Mazda cx-3 here the Jeep renegade also sit top out at about $30,000 just
north of there and that includes things like navigation in the Subaru eyesight
safety system as well now if you want to find out more about the crosstrack
including a more detailed review of the thing check us out on cars comm you