2018 Nissan Frontier: It’s Cheap, But Should You Buy One? — Cars.com

if you’re familiar with new trucks you
know that pricing is out of control there are $65,000 trucks out there with
features that rival luxury cars but affordable trucks still exist and this
is one of them in fact this is the most affordable truck out there the 2018
Nissan Frontier this exact model that we’re looking at less than $20,000
nineteen thousand nine hundred and sixty five dollars width destination but what
exactly do you get in a sub twenty thousand dollar truck the steering wheel
is made from urethane not just regular dition steel wheels but styled 15 inch
steel wheels the front seat is adjustable in four
ways Wow the stereo has four speakers you may be surprised to find two back
seats and I have plenty of headroom there’s a bed the transmission is manual
the locks are manual too and the window will there manual too there are however
a few surprises there’s a backup camera now it is a federally mandated backup
camera but it’s actually pretty decent it’s displayed in the main multimedia
screen and not in a little square in the preview here now also part of the
multimedia system is a USB port and you also get Bluetooth and steering wheel
audio controls which is a nice little touch at this price range I mean the USB
port looks like one of those truckstop adapters that’s been glued into the
cigarette lighter and the multimedia screen is smaller than my phone screen
but this is a ridiculous size for a phone anyway all joking aside this is a
real truck for less than $20,000 you can’t even get a Volkswagen hatchback
for less than $20,000 and this has a 900 pound payload capacity can tow up to
3,800 pounds with 152 horsepower 4-cylinder and rear-wheel drive and all
of that nasty crap that you’re gonna put in this bed you’re not gonna want to put
anywhere near a Volkswagen Golf so it’s cheap what should you buy one
well if you’re willing to spend twelve hundred more dollars this Chevy Colorado
has power windows and locks 6-speed manual transmission better ride and
handling tilt telescoping steering wheel more room nicer interior quality but
really if you’re a small business owner and that bottom line is everything you
need a dirt cheap truck to haul your dirt
and that’s the Nissan Frontier you