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so what do you do when one of your
friends shows up at your local track date club with a new Porsche 911 gt3
you’re not gonna go out and buy a 911 gt3 yourself that would just be kind of
gauche so what can you bring to the party how
about this this is the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT r it is the racetrack ready
version of the AMG GT lineup that lineup starts with the bass GT which is a great
grand tourer goes up to the s then the C coupe and then you’ve got this the R it
is race track ready it’s got a bunch of carbon-fiber bits it’s got a more
powerful engine it’s got rear-wheel steering it’s got a traction control
knob on the dash that you can dial in a different amount of sideways slide if
you want to let’s see what makes this thing tick I’m going to talk about a
ticker check out the heart of the AMG GT R this is a 4 liter twin-turbo 577
horsepower v8 it is massively powerful and it’s not that much different than
the other 4 liter v8 that Mercedes has and the rest of the GT lineup except
that this one’s been dialed up to 577 horsepower it is hand assembled by a guy
named Norman and we’re gonna have a look at it later to see what it does on the
track to see just how well norm did now one thing that the AMG GTR has that the
911 gt3 does not is this gorgeous interior you’ve got a lot of carbon
fibre here you’ve got piano black trim but you’ve also gotten this a really
special traction control knob it’s got nine adjustable settings it’s derived
from the gt3 racecar and it allows you to get a variable level of traction
depending on your skill and the amount of sideways fun that you want to have
out on the track as nice as it isn’t here there are a couple of limitations
in terms of headroom and view out it’s not as good as the 911 you’ve got a very
low roof and so you’re always going to be looking up to see some stop lights
and your forward vision is a little bit limited you’ve got the mirror very low
so in terms of what you can see it’s basically that and to the side a little
bit beyond the incredible engine you’ve got
a lot of other great equipment in this car to make it go fast you’ve got carbon
fibers throughout including the front fenders got carbon fiber in the roof
you’ve got a carbon fiber rear wing as well the mirror caps are carbon fiber as
well but that doesn’t really help you go faster that much the car has rear
steering as well it can actuate to the rear wheels up to 1.5 degrees of towing
now that’s not enough to see and you don’t feel that around and slow speeds
around town but when you’re around the curbs on a high speed track you will
definitely feel it now we can’t guarantee that you’re gonna be faster
than your friend that shows up in a 911 gt3 at the track day a lot of that’s
going to depend on your skill as well but this thing should certainly even the
odds in that department plus everybody’s got a 911 you see them everywhere not
everybody has an AMG GT that’s because this thing starts at 177 thousand
dollars which yeah it’s a lot of money but frankly given the amount of
equipment that this thing brings to the party it’s basically a race track ready
vehicle right off the showroom floor you can learn more about the AMG GT R at
cars com you you