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we’re here with the 2018 where Sadie’s
Benz AMG gla45 or as we’ve affectionately been calling it around
the office the snot rocket now this slimy green colored hatchback
is properly quick does 0 to 60 and 4.3 seconds has a top speed of 167 miles an
hour and that’s 375 horsepower from a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and
the GLA 45 does fast very well it’s not concerned about everyday chores like
carrying people or cargo it just wants to go fast and that’s what it does well
the GLA technically falls under Mercedes SUV lineup but really it’s more patch
back it has a lower ride height than the regular GLA which is already
questionable SUV so this is just really more of a hatchback the most SUV like
part of this vehicle is the power rear liftgate which is a nice feature it
remains a GLA class on the inside so it’s tiny calling the backseat snug
would be kind and then up front you have these optional sport seats that are a
little bulkier than the regular seats in the GLA class so they take up a little
more room and they are super aggressive seats the bolsters just dig into your
sides and they aren’t adjustable but even in their most relaxed state the
bolsters are always there if you have wit concerns this is not the vehicle for
you but if you’re thinking of the GLA as a practical purchase well then you’re
doing it wrong because this is one bad booger our test car has all of the
optional performance packages so you’re looking at that performance package that
unlocks the top speed of 167 miles an hour with the performance suspension the
performance exhaust we have just this wide range of optional packages that
turn this into little snot rocket that it is but that
comes at a price to the tune of 71 thousand dollars for this car when the
exhaust is uncorked in these performance modes that AMG has a snarling snorting
exhaust it’s base E and volumous and very unique for a four-cylinder engine
and I apologize for the starting reference and all the knows references
in Berga references you can hear in this video now all of those packages give the gla45
additional range and adjustable suspension firmness and exhaust noise
and those are selectable through the driving modes and the driving modes make
a big big difference in this car some cars they don’t you can’t really tell
the difference between a comfort mode in a sport mode but that’s not the case in
the GLA 45 when you flip this thing in a race mode it changes the character like
that immediately the RPMs rise to about over a thousand rpm from around 750 or
so and the exhaust loud ends and the car starts to vibrate and it just has this
ready to go attitude when you put it in Sport Plus or race mode almost like you
know a younger brother who’s getting ready to put the finger up to the nose
and hock a loogie on your little sister it’s just ready to go and boy does it go
and on the track is where this car really shines
especially in race mode it has almost an unflappable presence to
it it just is very solid you can give it a ton of gas out of the corners and it
sticks it does lean a little toward understeer but this is a front-wheel
drive based vehicle and the all-wheel drive system
does drive around in front-wheel drive most of the time and will transfer power
50/50 between the front and rear this model does have that optional limited
slip differential though it’s not the smartest all-wheel drive system it
doesn’t have mechanical torque vectoring rear axle it can’t transfer all power to
just one wheel but honestly I didn’t think of it as that much of a hindrance
on the racetrack where it felt very stable and very planted it does have an
electronic torque vectoring system though that will break individual wheels
to create a yaw moment and help you rotate around the corner on the track
overall though I didn’t feel like it needed any super fancy all-wheel drive
system it did exceptionally well on the small track that I was driving on
acceleration is also a strong point of this car that 0 to 60 of 4.3 seconds is
rightfully quick and it feels like it does in your pins but beyond outright
acceleration I thought there was great responsiveness from this engine in the
Sport Plus and race modes in the comfort in regular sport modes it’s a bit
disappointing very numb not responsive but once you dial it up and those more
aggressive race modes the engine comes to life and that accelerator pedal is
crisp and responsive and I think what’s most impressive though is that with the
dual clutch automatic transmission the 7-speed in this
it’s really responsive from a stop to so if you’re in Sport+ or race mode and you
just stomp the accelerator a lot of dual clutch cars might lag a little bit
before they get you going but this car slips the clutch it gives those engine
revs a big jump and boom you’re off and it’s glass and that’s without using the
launch control so the AMG gla45 great on the racetrack
if that’s really where you want to drive this car though not on bumpy city roads
where as you can see where I’m driving it is rough it is a hardcore vehicle
especially in the sport plus and race modes
comfort mode doesn’t really dial it down a whole lot it’s still a very aggressive
vehicle and it’s not one that I would want to drive in the city for very long
it’s rough it’s noisy it feels like a dedicated performance vehicle which is
not a bad thing especially because this is the least expensive AMT you can buy
proper AMG non AMG Sport and that just comes with the territory this
is an aggressive vehicle and it’s not something I would daily drive in the
city if you have nicer more scenic smoother roads this might be the car for
you but around here in the Chicago area where we’re testing it’s not something
that you want to drive every day let’s circle back to that seventy one thousand
dollar price tag $70,000 is a lot of money for this car and there are a lot
of good tramp cars for $70,000 take your pick mustang gt350 camaro zl1
Alfa Romeo 4c bmw m3 all of them feel really good at that price range this
though does not and that’s okay because it’s fully kitted out you can get all
the good important performance parts on this car for around fifty six thousand
dollars and that’s probably the one that you want to look out no one should be
buying a $70,000 GLA class one option you can’t first sure skip though is the
seven hundred and twenty dollar kryptonite green because it just reminds
me of a sinus infection you