2018 Mazda Mazda6: First Impressions — Cars.com

top versions of the current generation
mazda6 have always been a little bit of a secret luxury-car in terms of just fit
and finished and how many features there are and that seems to remain more true
than ever with this update on the current generation of the car which
brings a whole lot of small but significant updates will start out
styling wise here the nose gets a different sort of grille treatment in
this version here at the Auto Show this is a signature trim level a new trim
level for the new model year with these updates you get the lower bumper that no
longer has three distinct portals like it used to now there’s just kind of one
single portal that sort of veins across here with this silver trim come around
the side here major dimensions obviously the same but the interior has been
completely redesigned Mazda says all the way down to the seats which have
supposedly better spine support than before the steering wheel is pretty much
the only thing that and the shifter that carries over from the previous model
year as you can see the dashboard is much more horizontal than before lots of
premium materials on the signature trim here including sin wood real wood trim
on this car there’s a lot of stitched panels and materials in all the key
areas where your arms your elbows and your knees kind of push up against this
eight inch screen here replaces a seven inch screen is the largest screen you
can get in the mazda6 it kind of pops up above the center air vents not clear yet
Mazda hasn’t told us yet definitively if apple carplay and android auto will be
offered so stay tuned now the Mazda 6 will also offer a new engine in addition
to the 2.5 liter four-cylinder there’s going to be a 2.5 liter turbocharged
four-cylinder engine that’s good for 250 horsepower 310 pounds feet of torque on
premium gasoline regular gasoline gets you the same torque just drops it to 227
horsepower so stay tuned for our driving impressions we’re excited to get behind
the wheel closer to its on sale date in the spring of 2018 you