2018 Lincoln Navigator Review – Cars.com

Lincoln’s largest SUV has been
redesigned for 2018 and it was so much that we gave it our best and show award
at the 2017 New York Auto Show The Navigators polished exterior styling an
ultra luxurious cabin had us drooling now after driving it for a couple of
days does it live up to the hype here’s what works and what doesn’t I was
driving around with a friend last weekend and she said riding in the
Navigator is a lot like riding around in a couch and she’s close it’s a bit more
like riding around on a recliner a giant plush cushy recliner this interior is
among the most impressive I’ve ever been in in terms of both features and comfort
one of my favorite features is activated before you even get in the proximity
activated running boards make it a lot easier to climb into this beast when
your key is still in your purse or pocket walk up to the vehicle and the
running boards automatically deploy like magic inside these seats are nap worthy
they’re enormous cushy yet supportive and offers seemingly infinite
adjustments for maximum comfort they’re available with 30 different power
adjustments and are also heated and ventilated and come with a massage
function materials quality is top-notch – everything is padded and looks and
feels classy from this low glass wood trim to the supple leather seats and
surfaces it doesn’t disappoint in terms of technology either the multimedia
system is powered by the latest version of sync the sync 3 system and it has
standard apple carplay and android auto compatibility the screen is large and
it’s mounted very high on the dash for good visibility the touchscreen is
responsive and everything is really easy to use I did find the climate controls a
little clumsy some are located separately under the screen but then
some are also in a menu within the touchscreen the setup took a little bit
of getting used to there’s a couple of bells and whistles in the back seat –
first the second and third rows are adult friendly in terms of both room and
comfort and feature a powerful option second these illuminated seat belt
buckles are a really neat feature that helped my 2nd grader buckle up in the
dark third this second row fits three car seats across which not a
lot of vehicles do and has three sets of latch anchors in terms of road manners
the Navigator drives like a couch to a really big quiet one the 450 horsepower
twin turbo v6 felt like enough around town and on the highway though I did not
have it loaded with much in terms of people or stuff its responsiveness is
helped by a quick and smooth 10 speed automatic transmission on the road it
drives like the long heavy vehicle that it is its ride as soft and its shimmies
over broken pavement its handling also feels clumsy at times and it takes
corners with a lot of body roll manoeuvrability is aided immensely by
this multi-view camera which makes parking much more manageable all of that
opulence comes at a price a big one Lincoln’s new land yacht
starts in the low 70s this up level reserved trim topped out at eighty-nine
thousand after extras like burgundy velvet paint and an uplevel rebel audio
system with this redesign Lincoln added heightened levels of style and comfort
to a vehicle most known for forgettable trips to the airport with the 2018
Navigator it’s more memorable in every way you